Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trent's B Day & Amazing Marathon

We celebrated Trent's birthday this past weekend. And the Ogden Marathon happened to fall right on his birthday. So, Friday night we went up and got his race packet.
The kids always love seeing/playing on the HUGE trains.
On the way home there was a huge, full rainbow, which the kids loved as well.
The next morning I got the kids ready, loaded them up, and got to the finish line to get a glimpse of Trent.

I realized the combination of thousands of people, 5 little kids, a horrible design of the finish area, picture taking, walking, and one adult doesn't go well.

I didn't get any real good picture of Trent. He was on the opposite side of the road from us and hidden by a lot of other runners. but I did get this one of him crossing the line.

Trent loves it when his kids are there to see him finish. And do you see Aidens 4T sticker still on his shirt? He said he was leaving it on because they were his race numbers. I am sure he is going to be a runner just like his dad.

Aren't they all cute?
Trent did amazingly in the race. He finished with a time of 2:48:55 and got 8th place overall. Like I always say, my man is a machine!

Sunday is the day that we ended up celebrating Trent's birthday. We had both families up for a delicious (and our first) BBQ of the season. I am so glad the weather finally cooperated! I only have 2 pictures from this activity and neither are about Trent...
Brooke came up a little early so we took advantage of the warmth and sunshine.

And Aiden was so exhausted from the weekend activities that he fell asleep during the chaos.
Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating with us! I think Trent had a great birthday all around!


Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

2:49!! that is fast.

Andrea said...

Whoa!!! Way to go Trent! And happy birthday too! I wish I could just run a mile!

hbentley said...

So sorry the Bentleys are party poopers. I am so impressed Trent came in 8th overall. I am sure one day Trent will be winning all of these races.
The picture of Aiden is perfect!!!

Brett and Jessica said...

Trent is seriously amazing!!! I can't imagine running a full marathon.

Brett and Jessica said...

Trent is seriously amazing!!! I can't imagine running a full marathon.

Angela said...

Trent is so amazing with all of the marathons he is in! That is awesome! We need to have you guys over sometime soon.

Maga said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO TRENT and thanks for blogging about the race and birthday celebration.

Annie said...

I'm pretty sure the reason you couldn't get a picture of Trent (besides the fact that you were single handedly watching your 5 busy kids!) is because he flies by so darn fast! We watched him finished and were stunned by his kick at the end. What the heck? He's amazing.

And, you're a number one wife for supporting him during the training and the races! Wish we would have seen you there.

Annie said...

Forgive my neurotic brain - but I was thinking this morning how I said I was "stunned" by Trent's kick at the end of the race - and I was embarrassed. Stunned makes it sound like I was surprised. I wasn't. Totally the wrong word. I should have said I was amazed/in awe/in complete admiration watching him fly through the finish. Inspiring.

Just had to clear that up. You probably didn't even notice, but I'm kind of weird like that.

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday to Trent! I'm so sad we didn't get over there to bring him his treat. I have been so out of it the past few weeks. But we do have something for him. Also, tell him congrats on finishing 8th in the marathon. That is AMAZING!!! Way to go. Sounds like you guys have been busy and have a lot of fun.