Sunday, February 13, 2011


Some of the Jensen's think the world should stop and have a week long celebration for their birthday. Brooke is one of those Jensen's. Yesterday was the first day of Brookukkah. I think she really does have 8 crazy nights planned for her birthday celebrations, ending with the real Jensen celebration next Sunday.

Yesterday, we all met at Spaghetti Factory and surprised Brooke. We had a big crew and luckily had the whole balcony to ourselves....and luckily for the other patrons-we are a loud and rowdy bunch.

And the kids table. It was awesome having them on their own table.

Later that night Brooke left to do more celebrating and we had Josh for a sleepover. We came up to find them all passed out.

We thought it was cute, but at the same time could be a murder scene with how they were all sprawled out.

Is that morbid? We may or may not be watching too many scary movies.


Kim said...

You guys are pretty morbid, but seeing them like was pretty funny too.

Maga said...

Loved your celebration pictures. Glad for you and Trent that the kids do sleep sometimes.

Julie said...

Yes, they are sleeping a little on the morbid side. I'm glad they were still breathing! I love "Brookukkah" that is such a fun idea. Why not a week long celebration? Sounds good to me.