Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Our weekend consisted of medicine, naps, throw up bowls, hot baths, more medicine, tissues, cuddling, and coughing. It was a whopper of a weekend. And to top it off my work was even busier than my other "busy" weekends. It stinks to have busy weekends, but when you feel like crap it is that much worse. Although, I may or may not have prayed to get sicker so I could call in Sunday morning and not feel guilty about it. And guess what? That is exactly what happened. I had never been so happy to have a fever in my life. I still did feel a tiny bit guilty, but sleep and rest were much needed.
We are on our way out of the darkness. Still a few of us lingering, but for the most part things are getting better. Morgan still has it, which is normal. When she gets sick it lasts for a while and is usually worse than anyone else.

This morning I looked over and Oakley was rubbing her face making her feel better. You gotta love sisterly love.


aubry. said...

is it weird that this makes me want to come over and hang out for a while?

Jamie said...

Ugh. Sounds awful.

We're still sick here too. Maisy caught it last night and it's been awful.

Can Spring PLEASE come... NOW?!!!

Hope you ALL feel better soon.

Maga said...

I love 'sisterly love' and I love granddaughter in law love. In fact

Kim said...

Sad. We hope you all get better soon...and not pass it on to us.

Hey look on the bright sdie, at least your voice sounds sultry and sexy, right?

Julie said...

That is so sweet of the two sisters. Reminds me of my older sister, always taking care of me. Well, there are days when being sick is a good thing. Sounds like you took full advantage of it. I'm glad you guys are nearing the end. Thank Heaven for good medicine to help us get through it, eh?

Becky said...

So sweet. So sorry that you've all been sick. We sympathize!

Sarah said...

I have been sick all week too - I can't even imagine a whole household of sickness. Glad to hear you are on the mend! Love the last photo ~ so sweet!

MCapson said...

That picture is so cute. Sorry you guys are all sick. It's the worse and seems to be going around. My kids had it and I think Coles getting it again. I HATE winter. Time for spring. Hope you guys are all better.