Thursday, February 3, 2011

Salon D'Lu Lu

On Sunday Lu Lu gave my girls an amazing spa treatment.

"Oh, you want nails done fo special price?"
"One fo 2 dollas or 3 for six."
"Special deal, tell no one."
Of course the girls jumped at the bargains she was throwing our way. First up, cutting their gross nails. Brooke, I mean Lu Lu, gets 2 gold stars for including this in her price.
Next up, the painting. The girls all picked Valentine colors in honor of the upcoming holiday.

And the finished product. I told the girls they had to sit on the stools and not move for a half hour. They did pretty good too.

And Lu Lu even gave herself a manicure. She is amazing.

We couldn't be happier with the service. Thanks Brooke!


Maga said...

I'll send your girls $2 and they can either get a nail service or buy themselves a valentine treat.
Thanks for sharing everyday!!!

Kim said...

Cute! Uh I think I want to borrow that Gold polish...OR you can just ask Brooke if she'll give me that same deal...either that or a diet Coke.

Sarah said...

What a fun aunt!