Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February

I can't believe it is already February. It seems like Christmas was just yesterday. My how time flies. So, in honor of the Love Month and to try and get me to like V Day a little more, I did some crafting. I can already feel the love growing here at The Hoard. If you want your house to have a more loving feeling here is how I did it.
I just bought some foam balls at Roberts, flowers at All a Dollar, used left over yarn, and tissue paper for this decoration. I took the flowers apart and just pushed them in the ball, which took a lot more flowers than I thought. For the pink balls I just modge podged some pink tissue paper on. And obviously I just wrapped the yarn around and around to make the grey balls. And the cute bowl I found at Ross.
And since I had leftover supplies, I put this together. I found the tiny red balls at All a Dollar and the jar they are in at the DI. Very simple, but just goes to show you what you can make for a couple dollars and whatever you have around the house.

Not really a big fan of this one. I need to get a different doily thing. It is a little too Grandma-ish for me, but I love the flower ball in the big glass cylinder. Once again, just leftover flowers and I already had the glass cylinder.

And finally my old school heart wreath. I love it. I love the colors, the block letters, and the simplicity of the whole thing. Like I said, love it.
Hope you all have a great February and enjoy your Valentine Celebrations. I would say we will be enjoying ours, but Trent and I don't believe in the big V Day. Just not our thing. But maybe my decor will change our minds. We.'ll see.
And here is to hoping the groundhog does NOT see his shadow tomorrow.


MCapson said...

You're so cute. I don't even do valentines. I should decorate but it seems like time is going so fast by the time I get it up it's time to take it down. Maybe we should do a craft together and that would make me want to do it more. Your crafts are so cute.

hbentley said...

I love all your craft projects. I need to get in the spirit of decorating.

Kim said...

You are good. And I like the old lady doily thing. It's Valentinesey. I still need to finish my heart...although it doesn't look like much of a heart now. It's more of a tear drop. Yup, just like the ones I almost shed when making the Dang thing.

Becky said...

So cute! I'm going to copy the balls--I have a big bowl I have been trying to find something to put in!