Friday, March 18, 2011


I tried to get my St. Patrick's Day post done yesterday, but blogger was not letting me download pics for some reason. So here it is.

We started the morning off with a visitor from a sneaky Leprechan. He came during the night,
left his tiny green footprints on our white counter,
and a treat for the kids.

The girls couldn't understand that it was a leprechan and not Santa. But they were excited either way. And now we have a green cereal bowl for everyone. We only had one green bowl before and it is a fight every morning to see who gets to eat out of the green bowl. I think that is why my kids get up so early, so they can be the first to call it. Hopefully the leprechan has solved that problem.
More celebrating included our green christmas tree. Thats what the kids called it anyways. As you can tell, my kids love Christmas. Anyways, I didn't have a centerpiece for St. Patricks day, so I found this white wire thingy at Pier 1 Imports (I had gift card from Xmas), and I decided it might be fun for the kids think of things that they were lucky to have. We wrote them on some clovers I got at Micheals and our cute and meaningful centerpiece was born.
Some of the things on the lucky clovers are:
  • family
  • church
  • mom and dad
  • grandparents
  • house
  • jesus
  • yard
  • neighbors
  • jobs
  • school
  • gymnastics
  • kids
  • food
  • and one of my favorites, Andrew said he was lucky to be a Jensen.

And last and definitely least, the jello pudding I made to try and have a festive dinner. As you can tell it was a big hit.

90% of it went in the garbage. That'll teach me.


Allen's said...

So cute! I bet the kiddos loved it...I guess all of it expect for the jello!

Beth Monson said...

Love the green footprints. My kid's teachers did that at school and it's such a cute idea. I'm with you on the Jello. I make it with such good intentions and then a week later I throw it out.

Jake said...

Nice, the leprechauns came to our house too. they usually tip the funritue over or make a mess of things and leave a little treat. this year they took some clothers out of James and Jackson's drawers and made it into a rainbow on the floor with a pot of rolos.

Sarah said...

The footprints are adorable. You are such a fun mom!

Becky said...

Cute St. Patty's Day ideas! I like how you made a gratititude tree as part of it.

Julie said...

So cute. I love the centerpiece. I love the footprints and I'm so glad that leprechaun brought you guys more green bowls. I hope that pleases the kids. Funny that they fought over the one green bowl before. I love the trash... I don't do the green food for that reason but it is a really fun memory so I'm glad you put in the effort.

Kim said...

You are such a cute mom. Will you be my mom on holidays?