Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last weekend we made a kidless trip down to Moab. Trent and Kim ran in some races down there. Unfortunately, I forgot to sign up for the race, but when the wind started blowing Saturday morning I wasn't feeling too bad about it. Any runner would probably agree that wind is the worst condition to run in.

Anyways, back to our trip. As soon as we got rid of our kids the vacation started. Of course I had to document it.

We hit up Training Table for some of the best cheese fries ever created. Really, they were the best I've ever had. After the gorge fest (which was basically the theme of our trip) we went to REI to see if we could spend some of our dividend. And, of course, Kim and I had to document our purchases as well. I did get some boots that I may need the opinions of my few readers. Trent hates them, Kim likes them okay, and Luke really didn't have an opinion. But that will be another post.
We arrived in Moab, picked up race packets, shopped the expo, set up camp, ate at Moab brewery, and hit the hay. We had to be up early for the races (I did do a little run around town to make up for the fact I didn't get to race). Trent ran the half and got 25th with a time of 1.23.23. Kim ran the 5 miler and got 210th with a time of 49.55. They both did amazingly well especially with the horrible wind. And the best part-Kim stole some chocolate milk and Lay's potato chips for me, 2 of my very favorite things.

After some of us showered, we went to La Hacienda for some lunch and then hit the jeepin' trails. It always amazes me what the jeep can crawl up and I think it always amazes Trent that I still freak out when we go jeeping. We do have video of it and I am kind of a psycho.

Once you get to the top there are some pretty amazing views like this one,

and this one,

and this one, which might be my fave.

After jeepin' we went to get T-Shirts made for the kids (which is starting to be a tradition), then we had to eat some more at Pizza Hut (which was the worst service ever), hit up the grocery store for Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk (which you CANNOT buy anywhere else but Moab), and called it a night again.

In the morning we slowly got up, packed up, ate some grub at MickeyD's, finished our pints of ice cream, and ended the vacation just as we started, with a little shopping.

It was a great time and I think we laughed 75% of the time. Thanks to the troops that watched The Hoard back home. Obviously we couldn't have done it without you!

And just for my own personal journal here are some of the quotes/events from the weekend. None of you will get it or even think it is funny. So feel free to skip this part.

  • "You should like IT!"
  • "Who's Lindsey?"
  • "You know, the same Lindsey."
  • "Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww."
  • "What ever we do, I'm not going back to camp empty handed."
  • Whistling the tune of "Firework" in the bathroom.
  • Watching The Sand Lady
  • Listening to Depeche Mode Number 1.....and Number 2.
  • Having Aron Rawlston's Raven follow us around Moab.
  • The surprise of finding my favorite drinks (Carnation Ready to Drink Milk Chocolate no sugar added) and my favorite ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk) in a podunk grocery store, when I can't find it in any store near me.
  • "I didn't know the wind could_____."
  • "Sure it can. Just run like this."
  • "I ordered a chicken chimichanga and I have no idea what this is."
  • "We have fifty-six DOLLARS."
  • Lesbian Lovers, the hot kind.
  • The Baja Adventure.
  • "I only scream when we go backwards."
  • Butt Burps
  • "Thats the same smell!"
  • Trent drinking the best Coke he has ever had. Ever.
  • "Since all the real runners were in the race, the streets were empty."
  • Having the exact same conversation with the TShirt guy as we did last year and realizing it half way through conversing.
  • "I have a huge one."
  • "Aaaammmy....Aaaammmmy..."
  • "Uh, I don't know that guy."
  • Popping "Sleeping Pills"
  • "Not me! I came here to get away from kids."
  • Black Night
  • "Because you look tired and have a big watch."
  • And to finish the list off with our favorite "And they would!"


Trent said...

The quotes are awesome. That will be fun to have documented. Loved the trip, hated the wind. Wish we could eat like that all the time.

Thanks to all that made this trip work.

Kim said...

This most makes me laugh so hard. I love that you added the quotes and notable things that happened on this trip. Serisouly, it was awesome! Already can't wait for next time.


Julie said...

I think you were the smartest one to do your running for free! I'm glad you had fun.

linds said...

i wonder what you were saying about me. it was probably just awesome stuff. over and over agian. sounds like a sweet trip. glad you got to get away for a bit!