Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bus Field Trip & Other Things

Yesterday we rode the bus into SLC and visited Temple Square, the Beehive Home, and the Church Office building. It was a grand time and the girls thought it was the coolest thing to ride the bus.
Oakley and one of her BFF's Caroline.
Me and my girls.

It was freezing, but the girls still had fun. The temple is always an amazing place to visit.

And as you can tell it was pretty bright.

Paige, Caroline, Morgan, Oakley
After the field trip we picked Oliver up, waited for the boys and their friend to get home from school, hurry and did lunch, then went on a walk to enjoy the awesome sunshine.

It was such a nice day. Loved being outside. And it definitely got warmer as the day progressed.

The kids still wanted to be outside, so we went to the park to play and burn off energy.
Play they did, but they still had tons of energy afterwards. Its never ending.
Oakley, Aiden, Paige, Morgan, Andrew, Liliana.

While they played I soaked up as much warmth and sun as possible.

A little tan would do that face some good.
We had a great day and I can't wait for more sunshine. It was heavenly.


Kim said...

My comment has nothing to do with the topic of this post, but I had to tell you that your hair looks good in these pictures. The end.

Becky said...

Fun outing. I envy you the nice weather.

Julie said...

I don't love getting out when it's cold. But you can't ever tell how cold it is in pictures so your kids will only remember what an awesome mom you were to take you lots of neat places.

Jamie said...

This is such a great idea. I've been dying to take Annie on Trax again. And Temple Square sounds like a great destination (though I may wait for warmer weather). Thanks for the idea!

And I'm still in love with your hair.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great day! I would have been right there with you on that bench. There is nothing better than sun on your face this time of year!