Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There's No Place Like Grandma's

Or Heidi's.

While we were in Moab we distributed The Hoard for the weekend. The girls got to go to Grandma Teri's. They waited forever on the side walk with all their stuff. They just couldn't contain their excitement.
Of course the boys got to go to Heidi's. They can't get enough of her, Big Brad, James, Josh, and Jackson. They love the Bentley House. Aiden even told me why Heidi was a fun mom and I wasn't. Because she took them to get ice cream.
Obviously, he just doesn't remember how fun I am. ;)
Thanks again to both houses that took my kids. They are a lot of work and when you already have kids it is that much more work.
Whenever your ready Heidi we will take your boys. And Teri, I guess we can take Jenny for the weekend? or Brad?

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Julie said...

How sad that you have to split your kids up - that must make you realize how freaking awesome you are to handle them all on your own.