Friday, August 12, 2011

Beehive Camp

They rearranged the YW presidency a few months ago and I was released as 1st counselor and called to be the Camp Director. However, this year our Stake did Trek, so girls camp was cancelled. Seeing how the Beehives couldn't go on Trek, we planned a Beehive Camp. I say camp, but there was no camping. We stayed in a cabin up in Oakley.

The girls were very excited to go. While we finished loading up a few things they got in a game of Spoono.

Sister Clark was my lifesaver. She planned all the spiritual stuff, while I focused on the crafts and the food.

When we arrived we realized we had forgotten the secret sister station. We created these cute envelopes while we were up there. I think it actually worked better. The girls loved it!

And since we were "camping" in a cabin there wasn't much for our priesthood leaders to do but sit and relax.

And we crammed all 8 girls in the loft to sleep, leaving the two bedrooms for Maureen and me. .....And I use the word sleep very loosely.

We had lots of devotionals, which the girls were in charge of. These girls are amazing.

We went on an almost 5 mile hike.

And ate our packed lunch and ice cream at the top.

I wore my new trail running shoes, which don't look new anymore. We had to cross the river a few times and I slipped in while I was helping the girls. I did get to run back to the cabin and really test them out. Even running with them soaking wet they felt really good. I may have to try running up to The Rock now.

The girls did a hilarious skit before our testimony meeting. They did a workout video from the 60's. The 1860's that is. It was a pioneer workout. I don't know how they come up with these things.
They are a great group of girls.

But, as you can tell, I was really excited to be going home. After 2 weeks of camping I was ready to be done.

And my career as camp director was short lived, 2 weeks ago they called me back as the Mia Maid advisor. Which I am very happy about, I was missing my Mia Maids. :)


Sarah said...

Wow - that trip must take a lot of patience to be with all those teenage girls. Looks like you had a great trip though! And I love your new running shoes - the shoelaces are the perfect color!

Jamie said...

Geez, I wish I had "camp" at a cabin like that. Looks like my kind of camping.

Luke and Kimmy said...

That last picture is pretty dang funny.