Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have nothing to post besides Grey's River and I can't seem to get motivated enough to go through the 300+ pictures and pick only 10 or so for a post. I should promise that I will have one up tomorrow just so I get it done. Because once I promise something I have to do it. Just like Rapunzel.

So until tomorrow you get a picture of Aiden in his ugly night shirt (which Trent absolutely hates) holding up his (and Andrew's) free meals at the Spaghetti Factory that expire on the 31st. Neither Trent or I like the Spaghetti Factory. It is hard for me to justify spending $10 on a plate of spaghetti that I can make at home for $1. However, I do love their spaghetti squash. But I am thinking they need their fun Aunt Brooke to take them seeing how she is in love with that place.

We do have some fun stuff coming up that I will be able to blog about-Jake and Candice will be in town, I have my first half marathon on Saturday, and we will be celebrating Paige and Morgan's 4th birthday with a Beach Monkey theme and a gigantic blow up water slide.

Fun times are ahead here at The Hoard.


Maga said...

Keep us posted about the fun times with the HOARD!!!

Julie said...

You are fun stuff! I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts on the Spaghetti Factory. The birthday sounds fun. Where do you get your theme ideas? beach monkey? Hilarious. Good luck with the half marathon. If it's the top of utah half marathon you'll be running with my sister. Make yourself proud!