Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lesson Learned

We started Family Night with good intentions of working in the yard together. From the picture below you would think we succeeded.

Nope. Paige and Morgan were the only ones that "helped" us.
Andrew sulked the whole time because he wanted to know what the reward would be for working. We were trying to teach a lesson about working without knowing what you may get. Cause lets face it, we don't always get a reward after hard work. Anyways, Andrew didn't like that at all, so instead of working or even playing he did this:

Oakley and Aiden simply didn't want to work, so they played in the sandbox.

So, in the end Paige and Morgan were able to go get an ice cream cone for their reward. The other 3 were pretty upset. Hopefully they learned something from this.
And afterwards the girls got the special reward of washing the jeep with Trent. They thought it was hilarious when Trent pointed the air blower towards them and it blew their pants down.

Such a perfect Family Night.


Brandice said...

Those are some priceless expressions. I love that you gave the reward to only the ones who worked. My kids would have said something genius like, "whatever, I didn't want ice cream anyway." We are still trying to achieve the perfect Family Night although it is taking so long, one of our kids has moved out and I am slowly realizing that this may never happen.

Brett and Jessica said...

Love your FHE!!! Great pictures to capture all of your kids personalities!

Julie said...

HA! Love it! Kids can be such stinkers and ruin are best plans. I can see a God Principle in this. Sometimes God gives us a work to do and we are mad about it and we don't do it so He can't bless us the way He wanted to. You gave your kids are pretty awesome lesson - for sure.