Sunday, August 28, 2011

Will Read for Food

Last year the boys earned a bunch of reading coupons for various resaurants. Like I said in my previous post, they have a lot we haven't used and they will be expired at the end of this month. So we have started using them up.

First stop was Jason's Deli, which is a favorite of mine. I get the turkey wrap, it's delish. And you can't beat the all you can eat ice cream cones...

Even though this pic was blurry I had to add it. I love everyone's faces.

Next up Spaghetti Factory. I know, I said I didn't like this place, but somebody had to take the boys. And they loved every second of it.

However, I do have something that I LOVE there. It is the baked spaghetti squash and I ate Aiden's salad that came with his meal, so it was perfect.

The boys devoured their spaghetti. At home I cut everyone's spaghetti up, so the boys were in heaven twirling, slurping, and eating the long noodles.

So, even though I complained about it earlier, I had a delicious meal and a great time with just my boys.

And to end the night we found some cool Batman lunch coolers for the boys and a back pack for Oakley at PB Kids. Dang window display.


Luke and Kimmy said...

This post made my mouth water...mainly for the turkey wrap, spaghetti squash and the all you can eat ice cream cones.

Julie said...

I love it! Looks like fun times.

brooke said...

Your not going to use the chuck a Rama ones? Strange.

Maga said...