Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I had a lot of random thoughts and random pictures on my cell phone and camera, so this post is going to cover a lot of random stuff. And I am going to see how many times I can say random.

  • First of all, I am loving school. Oakley really started this week and it has been lovely.

  • We watched Rio for the first time last week and I loved it. Has anyone else seen it? The reason I loved it was because of the music. I was so happy when Oakley wanted to download it.

  • Like I said in one of my earlier posts, I am a Mia Maid advisor now and guess who the 1st counselor is? Ardeth Kapp. Yep, I have given 2 lessons with her sitting right next to me. Can I just tell you how nervous I was?

  • I was reading a book in my living room a while ago (with the snow on the tree you might think it was a long time ago, but remember that we had snow in June) and this was my view from my couch. It was a perfect setting for relaxing and reading.

  • I am missing ponytails, but I love the easiness of my hair. Should I grow it out or keep it short? Any opinions?

  • I had this pic from the day of my half marathon. We got up at 3:30 to get ready. I was actually up at 1:30 because I got a call for work and then couldn't go back to sleep because I was so scared for the race. We were on the road pretty darn early. Its amazing what you do for running and racing, but it is so much fun.

  • I have been on a diet for 2 weeks and haven't lost any weight. It sucks.

  • I was shopping the other day at TJ Maxx and came upon the Halloween aisle. I could have bought everything on the shelf and amazingly I didn't buy one thing.

  • My house needs a serious deep clean and I can't bring myself to do it. It is so hard to get motivated when you know the kids will have it messy again in 2 minutes.

  • The other day I was driving to work in the morning and the sky was amazing. The picture didn't capture it at all, but there was rainbow, lightning, and pink clouds from the sunrise. It was pretty cool.

  • Most of the framed pictures in my house need to be switched out to more current ones. I just always have a hard time going through the hundreds of pics and only picking a few faves.

  • Whenever I drive I am amazed at all the really bad drivers out there. It is amazing that there aren't more accidents. Case in point, I pulled up to this intersection and this van was right in the middle of it. They didn't even try backing up which makes me wonder if the driver even knew something wasn't right.

  • We have 2 projects that are close to being finished in our house. I have been dying to post the final results.

  • I am sad that Summer is coming to a close. It seems like it just started. However, I do love Fall and the attire that one gets to wear when it gets cooler.

  • I have book club tonight and I am so excited. It seems like it has been forever since our last one. We have such good food, good conversation, and good fun. I love the group.

  • And lastly everyone be prepared for the depressed Amy. I tried running yesterday on my foot and it didn't go well. I am afraid I am out of the running game for 4 weeks, at least that was how long it took last time. And when I can't run or exercise I get angry, depressed, and even fatter than I already am, which just adds to my anger and depression. But here's to hoping I can recover in time to get retrained for the Vegas Ragnar in October. It kills me that I am going to lose some speed and endurance.

So there you have it, a lot of pointless, random stuff in my life. But sometimes the pointless posts are the ones I like the most.


Maga said...

Sore foot makes for easy week-end?

Annie said...

Are you kidding me with your foot??? Enough injuries already! I'm so sorry! I feel depressed for you - especially after you rocked your half marathon. It's the worst to lose momentum! (But, let's be honest: you're a rockstar and will probably be just as fast the minute you start running again. You're tough as nails.)

Love the randoms. I'm right with you on the need to deep clean. And I also need to change framed pictures (I've been trying to decide on new ones for three weeks now) to show that Maxwell really is part of our family...

And, I LOVE your hair short! You look great both ways, but there is something I just love about you and short hair (probably because you style it so cute - it even looks cute after running 13.1 miles!). That's my two cents.

(Wow, longest comment. Sorry.)

Mindy said...

Well, that was random. ;)

I loved reading it all... well, except for the foot part. I'm angry about that one in your behalf. That totally sucks. :(

I love your short hair.

And Ardeth Kapp? Just remember that she's a real person too. :)

Julie said...

Nice randomness. I'm full on nervous for you with Ardeth Kapp listening to your lessons. Pressure. And the foot is bad news. Ever thought of trying a new exercise hobby like weight lifting or biking? Something that doesn't cause so many foot injuries. I'm totally feeling for you. Bad, bad, bad.

Kim said...

I love the random post. I may even have to copy it.

I too, am bumbed out about your foot. What is with you???

Steve Finnell said...

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MCapson said...

Sorry about your foot! That totally sucks. But I love rio too.