Thursday, January 24, 2013

While We Were Out

While we were down running it up in St. Geezy Kim and Luke (well, mostly Kim) took over The Hoard back at home. My kids are lucky to have such fun babysitters. The weekend started with a little pitch matching. Love Andrew belting it in the back.

Then Gladiator was invented. Such a fun game. Even for adults. Anyone else remember watching the real Gladiators every Saturday morning growing up?

They also took the kids sledding. Seriously best babysitters ever.

And even woke up early to take the boys to their soccer game.
And the girls got a cartoon watching partner.
And they got to gorge themselves at the all you can eat buffet at Pizza Pie Cafe.

I'd say the kids love when mom and dad are gone and Luke and Kim are in charge.
Thanks guys!!!!

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