Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy Weekend.

Trent got home on Saturday and we didn't stop moving until last night at midnight. We had family pictures with the Jensen family on Sat night. We drove out to Papa & Maga's backyard for the photo shoot. I think the pictures will turn out cute. Here is a sample picture I stole from Heidi's blog. Lets hope the photographer got at least one picture of all the kids looking at the camera!

Sunday morning we went to Annie's blessing. I don't have any pics of this party, but it was a good one. The blessing was wonderful and Annie looked sooo cute in her dress. We went to Jamie and Mike's after for delicious food. I ate way too much.
After the blessing we headed home to get ready for a Veigel BBQ at our house. We were celebrating Jake's birthday.
The black and red spiderman battling it out on the tramp!
(Aaron and Aiden)

The birthday boy, Becky, and Jackson.
Kim was trying to hide her "Big" pregnant belly behind Luke. She doesn't even know what big is.
Oakley and Aaron eating some good grub.
Morgan, Aiden, Paige, and Jackson playing with all the toys.
Oakley with Uncle Cade.

To finish the night off we watched a movie, stayed up way too late, and finally crawled into bed. Throw in a lawn mowing, Trent working on some computers, Amy doing a few patient visits, and kids throwing up all over and you have a very busy weekend.


bjensen said...

You never cease to amaze me!! I hope your kids get better so you can come down. I would LOVE to see you guys!It has been awhile.

clay and jordan said...

Wow you're busy! I love seeing all the fun family pictures.

Mindy said...

Sounds like a fun busy time! Is that the Bountiful temple you can see from your backyard? Neat pictures!

Sarah said...

These are all cute pictures. It is great to see photos of your brothers. I haven't seen any of them forever!

JamieN said...

I can't remember if I said this to you or Trent but both Mike and I said that we were tired just watching you two take care of your hoard. I can't imagine actually doing it day and day out. Wow. You're amazing.

Thanks again for coming on Sunday. Getting just one kid out the door is a lot of work for me. I have a new found appreciation for you and Trent going anywhere with everyone.

The PB bars were to die for.

Anonymous said...

Geez, the picture is really cute so it was worth it. I made the PB bars the other day and they were FANTASTIC!! Is it bad if you eat the whole batch in one day? :)

Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

Looks like a fun filled weekend. I am excited to see the family'll have to post one if you can...the one of the kids is SUPER cute!

Sarah said...

I seriously think this is the longest you have gone without a post...I get used to reading about your life on a daily or every other day basis!