Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Smarty Pants

Last night we celebrated Jake's graduation with the Jensen fam. We went to a park, ate good food, played frisbee, and had a eulogy for Jake. It was a good time.
Josh got in the "baby" swing backwards and got stuck. It was pretty funny looking.
I love this picture of Andrew. I hardly have any pictures of him smiling or actually even looking at the camera!
I asked James how come he could go so high. He said, "I don't know. I am just good. And I didn't even take any lessons." He cracks me up!
Jenny and my girls. It was harder to get Jenny to look and smile at the camera than my girls! ;)
Oakley showing me the good food she was consuming. And it was really good food.
The Papas and The Boys
Trying to blow bubbles. After a few minutes Andrew just dumped his whole bottle out and said he was done. Sheesh.
Aiden got pretty good at the bubble blowing.
I really like this picture too! The Jensen boys with my girls!

Thanks to Jamie for planning the party, thanks to everyone who brought such good food, and thanks to Jake for being so smart so we could have another excuse for a party!


Anonymous said...

Man..I can't believe how many parties you guys have out there! I'm exhausted just reading your blogs!! j/k Looks like fun like always!!

clay and jordan said...

Cute pictures! You guys sure do get a lot of party time out there, don't you! Looks like fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jake, that is awesome! Cute pictures!

Jacob Jensen said...

I am glad I could be present at my own eulogy - not many people get that. Thanks to everyone for a fun evening!

Luke & Kimmy said...

Looks like fun! I always love having BBQs and parties with you guys. You guys seem to always have the best food too.

Oh, and I love the pictures of your kids. They look so old in these pictures for some reason.

Annie said...

Love the boys' Red Sox jerseys!

Cecilie said...

Sounds like you've had a lot of family get togethers. It was fun to see your family pictures. I don't know if I would have recognized Mandi and Jake still looks like he's 18! His little boy was adorable. I didn't know Luke's wife was pregnant! Congrats!...maybe I did. I'll see you tomorrow.

Sam said...

Aw, man! Why didn't I get eulogized when I graduated??? JK. Looks like a fine party! I like the picture of Andrew in the slide too--cute shirt! Ha ha.

Luke & Kimmy said...

Im still amazed. I dont know how your do it amy. With 5 kids! wow.


JamieN said...

Way cute pics. So funny that Josh got stuck (but not surprising).

That was a fun night. Thanks for bringing the troops. I can't believe you ever make it out of your house. Your kids are so cute!