Saturday, June 7, 2008

Girls Week...

The boys had planned a trip to go shooting with Grandpa Brad, so I decided us girls should do something fun too. Heidi and I were going to spend some quality time down in St. George. Well, like always, my kids were sick, so Heidi opted out on surrounding her kids with poop and throw up all week and my mom was quick to take her place. I thought my kids would get better by the time we went down, but no such luck. Oakley was sick the whole week and Paige and Morgan had some poop issues going on. But it was still good to have a change in scenery and to hang out with the girls.
This basically describes the trip in one picture. Poor Oakley.
Morgan walking around Grandma's "beautiful" couch.
The girls have recently started to really crawl instead of doing the army crawl. Paige is modeling the new crawl here.
I was trying to get pics of my kids and Jocelyn wanted a picture taken of her. She posed so well. How do you train kids to do that?
Mandi came with her family for a slumber party Thursday night. It was fun to hang out. She was so nice to play with my girls so much!

Friday morning we had to leave the house so it could be sprayed for bugs. We headed to a park for some quality outside time.
Oakley still didn't feel well, but at least she is dressed???
Morgan was having so much fun with the "Throw Up" bucket.
I tried to let Paige sit in the playground area, but she just kept eating the bark? Kids.

It was a fun week. I didn't even think about getting the camera out until the last day. Sorry Brooke?!? Most of the time we were just chillin at Grandma Holly's house waiting for the next girl to throw up or poop all over. But we did get to hang out with Brooke and eat at In & Out a few times. Soooo good. And I got to be the first one to see Brooke's new apartment. It is so nice and BIG!
Anyways, that was our trip. The boys get back tonight so, hopefully, I will have some pictures of their trip to post.


DMJK McQuivey said...

Thanks for the fun getaway!! See you soon!

Sami Jo said...

cute! how fun... :) oh and the answer to your question about training kids to pose... straight from the womb mandi has taken about 7.6 billion picture of her everyday. i love it.

bjensen said...

It was so much fun to have you down here. Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you before you left, I got my chance to be sick! Your girls are so cute and I had so much fun with you guys.

DMJK McQuivey said...

Its funny cuz it's true!!

Sarah said...

Cute pictures ~ too bad Oakley wasn't feeling well. The weather in St. George is always the best. Sound like you had fun!

Jenna and Brady said...

Cute what a fun little break! Especially with the yucky weather we've been having.

JamieN said...

Oh, poor Oakley. Sorry your kids were sick. Yuck. That is so fun your parents have a place down there.

Thanks for the yummy salad tonight. It was fun to see you guys. If I don't see you before the weekend, good luck in your run.