Monday, June 30, 2008

Relaxing in St. George...

We are back from our week vacation in St. George. We all had a great, amazingly relaxing, time. When we arrived Tuesday night, Brooke took our three older kids to see Kung Fu Panda. They all loved it! And they all sat through the whole thing. The came home talking about "Kung Poo Panda." Thanks Brooke. The next day we went to visit Brooke at work and hung around the house all day. Brooke was nice enough again to watch our kids so Trent and I could enjoy a dinner at In & Out by ourselves. So good! More of the Jensen clan arrived later that night and we journeyed over to a water park. Here are just a couple of pics from that night.
Paige absolutely loved the water. She was screaming and enjoying the water spray!
Morgan liked the smaller water sprays.
The next day we went to the Tabernacle and played in the fountain and rivers there. Unfortunately, 15 mins into the fun, James fell and split his forehead open and he had to go get stitches. Poor kid. So, I kept the rest of the kids and we chose to stick with the little water falls and river.

Josh, Andrew, and Aiden sitting on the waterfall.

Oakley loved to put her hands in the waterfall.

My kids just being their goofy selves.


On Thursday night some of the girls went to see Les Miserables. LOVED IT! Les Mis is my absolute favorite play. I love the music and the story. It was a good time. Thanks again Teri!

Here we are at Tuacahn surrounded by red rock.
Every afternoon we had quiet time. This was the usual position of my boys.
Jill, Paige, Jenny, Morgan relaxing in the pool.
At night, when the golf course closed, we would take a walk and find golf balls. The kids loved it. It was like Easter all over again.
Aiden showing of his find. I love that he put it right up to his face when I asked him to show me.
Oakley finding a ball in the bushes. She was so excited.
Andrew running back from his lucky find. He loved storing the balls in his backpack.
On Saturday we were able to go fishing for a little bit. It was super hot, so not too many bites, but my kids still had fun. Grandpa Larry ended up catching a fish, so each of the kids got a chance to reel it in.

The group trying to catch a BIG one!
Oakley and her dad. I love this pic!


It was a great week. Now back to real life; work, cleaning, kids, and trying to pay off our credit card from the HUGE gas bills. Anyone want to buy a beast that gets 9 miles per gallon?


Jill said...

I LOVE all of the pictures! It was so fun to be down there with you guys. I am dying that your car gets 9 mpg, that is crazy!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a fun time. Gas prices make it hard to go anywhere anymore.

JamieN said...

Yay! I was so excited for you to post. I didn't have ONE pic of your kids (how lame am I?). They're so cute. That one of Trent asleep with the boys just kills me.

It was fun to be with you guys this week.

Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

What a fun relaxing week!! Cute pictures....your boys are looking older!! They are growing up and looking like 'big boys' not so much 'little boys' now. All your kdis are so cute!

bjensen said...

It was so much fun to have you down here this weekend! I love your kids to pieces! I'm excited to see you guys again this weekend! Thank you so much for the scrapbooking stuff, and for letting me take your kids Tuesday. Ben and I had fun with them! They are so funny! I'm glad you got the pictures, I didn't know if they would send or not. I'm kind of a huge retard when it comes to computers, I think Trent and Jill got all the computer smarts genes!

Sarah said...

It always looks like your family has so much fun. I am jealous you get to spend so much time in St. George!

scharee said...

at 9 miles per gallon you may want to think about just moving to st. george! a slash park in the back yard, weekly tickets to Tuacan, and year-round nice weather...sound pretty good!

Putnam Family said...

I always love all of your posts they make me laugh so hard. I love all of Andrews quotes and all of the fun pictures! Love you guys!

Annie said...

Love the kids out on the golf course with their backpacks. So cute. Sounds like a great time. Gotta love SG.