Friday, June 13, 2008

Boys Week...Finally

Well, it took me a while to post the boys shooting spree and I know you have all been dying to see these pictures! ;)
The boys with their Grandpa Brad trying to find some "fat squirrels" to shoot.
Jake, Trent, Aiden, and Andrew. I love the boys looking at each other laughing. Such a cute picture. And I guess the other two boys are cute in it too. ;)
Jake was trying to get a cute pic of all my boys chillin in the back of the truck. Well, I still think it is cute even though they wouldn't open their eyes and smile.
I guess this is how my boys ate on the trip. This was their lunch one day, powdered donuts and peach rings. Oh, well. It was a vacation right?
My boys had a great time with their dad, Uncle Jake, and Grandpa Brad. They loved to go and find the bloody, "fat squirrels" after they shot them. They would stare at the carnage fascinated with the fact that the "fat squirrels got blood." Thanks Grandpa Brad for taking my boys shooting. They loved it!


bjensen said...

So cute! I love these pictures, I love Adien in the first one, he looks so intent on finding something in the scope! The one with the boys looking at each other is so cute! They both have the look on there face like it's the coolest things they have ever done! Cute kids!

bjensen said...

Also your kids were probably in hog heaven eating all of these treats! It was like Christmas came early!

JamieN said...

Okay, gross. Who goes on a trip to shoot squirrels? How redneck is my family?

All of those pics are darling. I'm with Brooke, I love Aiden looking through the scope trying to find something.

Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

What a fun outing for your boys...spending time with Dad and Grandpa and Uncle, what fun memories!!! I love the photos. Looking in the scope to see while Grandpa looks through his cute!! You can tell your boys were having a blast...and junk food is the perfect end to the perfect outing!!
Way cute photos...and boys!!

Anonymous said...

I know I was excited to see the pictures!! SO cute! I love the one of Aiden and Andrew looking at each other! They are so grown up!

Luke & Kimmy said...

These pictures were making me laugh so hard. I love them!

Good luck with all the running tomorrow!


Luke & Kimmy said...

I wanted to see some action shots of the squirrels exploding and the bloody aftermath.


Michelle said...

hey amy,
this is melissa's little sis michelle, I was just wondering where you get all of your cute backgrounds. (and I promise to to tell) If you would email, I'll love you forever!

Sarah said...

It's so funny to see your little guys with guns. They look like men! Too cute ~ and I love what Trent fed them ~ I'm sure they were in heaven!

Anonymous said...

Where did all the trees go??