Sunday, August 31, 2008

101 things that make me Amy...

I got tagged a while ago by Mandi. It was supposed to be just 5 facts about yourself, but I have seen this on other people's blogs so I changed it up a little. I wanted to see if I could come up with 101 things about me. Honestly it is harder than you think. So here you go. More things than you probably ever wanted to know about me:

1. I am 28
2. I have 5 kids-2 sets of twins and 1 cute little thing in the middle.
3. I am very particular about certain things, and I don’t care about others.
4. I used to be social.
5. I love spending money- on me, on others, on practically anything, even just plain groceries.
6. I hate, hate, hate moths.
7. Trent and I are the perfect match. I make messes, he cleans them up.
8. I actually like to cook. It’s coming up with what to cook that is the problem.
9. I like to feed people and have parties. I think secretly I am trying to make people chubbier than me! ; )
10. I feel guilty every night, because of my parenting issues.
11. My kids deserve better than me. Who knows why we are blessed with so many.
12. I am a picker.
13. I have to have my toenails cut short, very short. And I always like it better if my toenails are painted a fun, bright color.
14. I loved taking notes in school. Trying to do cute handwriting and outlines. I am a nerd.
15. I used to be smart.
16. I am a Registered Nurse and I think any girl should go into nursing if they want a flexible job and be a mom at the same time.
17. I hate hair. It grosses me out. I could never work as a hair dresser.
18. I hate other people’s feet. Especially old people.
19. I find it is easier to change a 1 year olds diaper than an 80 year olds.
20. I have one of the saddest jobs, but I love it.
21. I could have spaghetti everyday and never get sick of it.
22. I LOVE cheese. Cheese makes most everything taste better.
23. My ankles are the only thing I don’t complain about.
24. The toilet paper roll MUST go over.
25. I love opening a new can of creamy peanut butter. I love how smooth it looks and can’t wait for the first taste.
26. I am addicted to buying watches. Every time I hit the outlets I have to make a purchase. It is a good thing I don’t go up there more than once a year.
27. My favorite ice cream is plain vanilla. Give me a soft serve cone from McDonalds and I am happy.
28. I have no patience what so ever.
29. I love scrapbooking, but never find time to do it. But continue to buy supplies. (I guess I would have time if I didn’t sit around and blog and think of 101 things about myself. Duh)
30. I have geographic tongue and passed it onto Aiden.
31. I don’t understand why girls wear uncomfortable shoes. As Special K would say, “Do they serve an orthopedic function?”
32. There was a time I was afraid we would never have kids. Now look at us.
33. I cannot handle high maintenance people.
34. Sometimes I feel like my life is like the movie “Groundhogs Day.”
35. I hardly ever do my hair or wear make up. I am the epitome of a worn out mom.
36. I never really travelled anywhere until I met Trent. And now I LOVE it.
37. I wish I had my parent’s non-spending habits.
38. I like nice things. I hate buying something cheap and having it break after using it once.
39. If I could pick any talent, it would be to be able to sing. I really can’t sing a note.
40. I love camping. It was definitely easier and more enjoyable before we had litters of children.
41. I haven’t been mountain biking in 4 ½ years.
42. I love my house and I hope we never have to move.
43. I would love to hear people’s thoughts. I have always wondered what people really think about me. Maybe that’s why I love Trent. He tells people what he honestly thinks.
44. I love eating out.
45. I love sleeping in. Anytime I wake up on my own is heaven.
46. I wish I was a clean freak. I really have to motivate myself to clean anything. I am like a 3 year old. I tell myself I can have a treat after I clean the bathrooms.
47. I played softball for 10 years of my life and now I don’t even pick up my mitt.
48. I never remember my mom yelling at us. (well, maybe once or twice.) And I yell at my kids about 30 times per day.
49. I hated breastfeeding. Nothing “bonding” about it for me.
50. I love surprising people, especially Trent.
51. I have worn shorts with my swimsuit for as long as I can remember. I absolutely HATE my thighs and butt.
52. Trent and I have bad luck with windshields. We usually replace 1-2 a year.
53. I wish I was more spiritual.
54. I enjoy time that I get without kids, but would never give them up to have all my time to myself.
55. If I could go anywhere I would go to a little beach house in Tahiti somewhere.
56. I love the feelings of nostalgia, even though it makes me sad sometimes.
57. I like most music except rap and Trent’s techno computerized stuff.
58. I wish I was naturally skinny. My dad always said my eating would catch up with me. Back in the day I would buy a foot long sub with extra mayo and a cream of weber chug for dinner. I know. Oink. Oink.
59. I HATE speaking in public.
60. I love to read and probably waste too much time doing it.
61. Trent and I don’t ever really fight. We both say what we think and then that’s that...Usually.

62. I am lucky to have a husband that never complains when he watches the kids for me. He may complain about the kids, but not that he has to watch them. ; )
63. I love food. Have I said that already?
64. I used to love dogs. But 2 dogs and 5 babies later not so much. Anybody want 2 beagles?
65. I really do love my kids. I love how different they all are and I LOVE when they smile.
66. I love watching movies for the first time, especially the scary ones.
67. I HATE jello. I can’t even stand the smell when I am making it.
68. I love fruit and nuts, but not mixed in anything. Like brownies with nuts or ice cream with fruit chunks, yuck.
69. I am probably going to need plastic surgery in order to get a semi flat stomach again. My belly looks like a 90 year olds. Really.
70. I love every season and I am always ready for the next one to start.
71. There is nothing like snowshoeing on a mountain where no one has been since the last snowfall. It is so pretty and the untouched snow as far as you can see is amazing. Luckily I usually have 2 men to carve the trail for me. Thanks Trent and Jake!
72. I have experienced a few different births. 1 C-section with twins. 1 normal. 1 normal with twins. I have to tell you I didn't think so at first, but C-sections suck.
73. I love to hang out with my high school friends. We really were lucky to have so many really good friends. And I am still lucky to have them as friends.
74. I hated college, but am so glad I did it. (Even though I liked to get creative with my note taking skills.)
75. I love wrapping presents. But the thing is I have a few rolls of wrapping paper that I never use. I think they are too cute and I don’t want to see them gone. How dumb is that?
76. I love looking at pictures from my past.
77. I hate weeding, but love mowing lawns.
78. I played with more GI Joes than Barbies when I was little.
79. I will always loving the feeling of driving out of the mountains and into Star Valley. I have so many good memories there.
80. I love fairs- the games, the rides, the atmosphere, and, especially, the food.
81. I hope my kids turn out good in spite of me and fear they will not because of me.
82. I am addicted to blogging. Obviously.
83. I have to stack my plates and cups every other color in the cupboard. (I know you all think this is Trent.)
84. Ever since my pregnant days I have to sleep with a pillow to hug.
85. After being a Jensen for a few years, I still DO NOT understand the emotions with Utah and BYU. I think everyone is too high strung about it all.
86. I cannot tolerate slow drivers.
87. I need to learn to control my temper and be more patient with my kids.
88. I hate any movie that has anything to do with affairs. I think it taints the whole show.
89. I don’t know if people really understand the challenges of having 5 kids under 3. But I know I wouldn’t trade my challenges for anyone else’s.
90. I have to have my dishwasher loaded a certain way. Sometimes I reload it if it is done wrong. I think I have the ability to get more dishes in the way I do it.
91. I feel lazy a lot of the time. I just don’t have the energy or desire to do things.
92. I never touch the toilet in public bathrooms. I just squat and use my foot to flush it.
93. I worry too much about my kids. I have a hard time letting them play alone in my backyard. I always think they will get taken.
94. There are a lot of people I wish I could be like. I have so many good examples in my life.
95. I feel guilty that I don’t visit our grandparents as much as we should.
96. I am so thankful for my health and my family’s health. We are so blessed to have 5 healthy pregnancies and births.
97. I want people to like me and I do care what they think even when I say I don’t.
98. I love looking out my window and seeing the temple. I need to actually go into it more often. I don’t realize how lucky I am.
99. I wish I was a happier person. Maybe I should be on medication, but Trent doesn’t believe in it.
100. I love chocolate. But I cannot chew it. It has to be melted or I suck on it until its gone.
101. I like to have fun and love seeing my kids have fun. I only wish I had more time to have fun with my kids.

I hope you all enjoyed these useless factoids about me. I think some of you should do this too. I love reading other people's lists and learning things I never knew about people that I have known for years. Just try it and good luck!


Mindy said...

Amy, I learned lots about you that I didn't know! And we have a lot of things in common... unfortunately one of them is impatience with kids! I don't know how you do it with 5 under 3... I think you're amazing!

JamieN said...

I still don't believe you that you care what others think of you, I can't believe you think you're not a good mom, and I won't believe that you can't stand high maintenance people - does that mean you hate me?

I loved reading your list. Way fun. There were lots of things I learned about you. I don't think I could come up with that many things about me.

cwilson said...

That was fun to ready Amy! I would've never guessed you are addicted to blogging! :)

Kory-Lisa Allred said...

That was really fun to read!! I know I do not know you too well (and that was fun to get to know you better), but it sounds like you are extremely hard on yourself. You are an AMAZING Mom and person you are doing a great job!!! It is always harder to see the good in ourselves than in others...I totatlly look up to you 5 under 3 has got to be 'frazzling?!and so joyful too.

A goal of mine is to start reading more. Any good suggestions? Thanks for sharing yourself, cute post!

Sarah said...

Wow ~ that post must have been a lot of work! It was great reading so many facts about you.

To answer you question, yes, my parents still live in the same house. So, you are practically neighbors!

Luke & Kimmy said...

I loved reading this. You should have done 201 things about you. The list seemed to fly by too fast. Although you have a crazy/busy/stressful life, I admire you for it and find it quite desireable that your family just absolutly loves you. I'm really greatful that we have you in our lives.


Glenae said...

Wow that's a list and a half. I had a hard time coming up with 5!! I agree with Lisa I'm sure your good traits way out weigh any bad!

Anonymous said...

Oh Amus! Great list. You are such a good mom, I wish you knew how great you are!! Not many people can do what you are doing!

P.S. "Just one more bite" lol!!!!

Maga said...

Don't feel guilty about not seeing your grandparents enough--you can let them come see you. Keep up your great blogs and we enjoy your kids that way! You strike me as a happy person and I admire you loads and think you're about perfect and perfect for Trent!!

bjensen said...

I'm so impressed you came up with 101 things. I've tried to do that post about 4 times, but every time I give up and go eat something! Geez no wonder I'm so fat! I loved your list!

Mark, Steph, & Alex Toone said...

Wow I really liked reading your list, especially your compulsions about loading and putting away dishes. I also have to have some things a certain way, and other things I could care less about! You have the best blog, I always have to check it out when I am online!

Ginny said...

Amy, I just thought I would say hello since I was doing a little blogstalking. I am Dave Wood's wife (Lance and Pam's daughter-in-law) and although I didn't do five under three, I did do five five and under with (only) one set of twins. I have at times thought of you in those moments where I think I might be losing my mind, telling myself it could be even more insane!!! Your blog is cute and it's really fun to get a peek into your (crazy) life. If you are interested in doing the same (I think it only fair to offer), email me at ginny8(at)ymail(dot)com. We have our blog private. Keep up the good work!!!

Trevor and Loralee said...

Amy- I love it! You are so real. If was fun to read and learn more about you.

hbentley said...

I love your list. I learned so many things about you that I didn't know. I think you are a great Mom. Who would have thought you would have 5 kids all younger than Josh. I think you and Trent could be translated anytime. You countinue to amaze me with all you do. You are a great example to me. Stop being so hard on yourself, and lets work on planning one last BBQ before the summer is gone.

Luke & Kimmy said...

I too have Geographic Tongue!


Angela and Ryan said...

Okay I'm trying to type with two kids on my lap... but I have to say I was laughing out loud while reading your list because I had no idea we had so much in common! I love the "Special K " one, and the one about Trent's techno computerized music! Ryan has it too, (obviously, since they probably bought it together) and I still can't get used to it. Luckily he doesn't bring it out that often. :) Oh, and I think we'll pass on the beagles, although they're adorable, we've already failed miserably at being dog owners.

Jenna and Brady said...

Thanks for coming last night! This was a fun blog to read. I think you are an amazing mother.

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Geographic tongue once plagued my life until I changed to another brand of toothpaste

Jason said...

I probably sound stupid, but what is geographic tongue?

We have a coed softball team. You should play with us.

I had fun reading your list.

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