Thursday, August 14, 2008


I can't believe I have kids that are 3, 2, and 1. Who would have thought when I was saying yes to Trent I would be saying yes to come pretty crazy times ahead! This past year has been the hardest year for us, but we wouldn't trade it for anything. I mean, who is lucky enough to have 2 sets of twins, a cute little midget in between, 5 kids sooo close together, and 5 of the CUTEST kids around? So here is a post to celebrate Paige and Morgan. My very last babies.
1 year olds!
They got to open their birthday cards from Pom Pom and Aunt Norda this morning!
I decided to post some pics of times before I was a blog addict. Here are some pics of their first few months.
This was right after their first bath in the hospital. I can't believe how different they look now.
One of the best times. When they are asleep! Aren't sleeping babies precious?
Love the hats!
I love pics when they are cuddled close together. It makes having twins so worth it when you see this!
This is when they first started smiling and showing personality. Too Cute!
Now to the cheesy part. I was thinking about this last year and what has happened to Trent and I and couldn't help but think of the goods things. Here is a list of things I love about Paige and Morgan.
  • Paige's happy/excited screams. (she really is LOUD)
  • Morgan's grunts.
  • Listening to them babble to each other after they wake up.
  • Watching every new thing they do.
  • Their 1 tooth smiles!
  • Watching their faces light up when I walk in a room.
  • Their baldness. It is actually a love/hate relationship. I wish they had hair so people wouldn't mistake them for boys. But I love not having to do it!
  • They are my last babies.
  • My best eaters.
  • When they steal each other's toys. They are already fighting???
  • Use me or any body for a jungle gym
  • How excited they get for food.
  • Their cute feet and hands.
  • Their brown, gray, green eyes.
  • When they crawl so fast to get somewhere.
  • Paige's first steps.
  • When Morgan points at me.
  • Their Yoda ears.
  • When they give me luvs, can't get enough of that!
  • Watching them play with Aiden, Andrew, and Oakley.
  • Watching them play with their Dad.
  • Sleeping through the night.
  • Watching them walk along the furniture.
  • Trying to find them somewhere in the house after they have been exploring.
  • When they scrunch their faces up and breath through their noses.
  • How cute they are.
  • That they have each other. Hopefully they will be buddies forever.
  • Watching them figure life out.

I LOVE these girls and so glad they came at the same time. I think someone knew I wouldn't get pregnant again so He sent me 2 at once. I can't imagine life without Paige or Morgan!

Happy Birthday!!!


jdv said...

Send Paige and Morgan a hug and kiss for their birthdays from the veigel's in Mass.

Trent said...

It is amazing how many good things there are about Paige & Morgan. In the midst of the pandamonium that ensues at our house it is easy to overlook how sweet they really are. I agree that this past year has been one of the most challenging of my life, but like Amy I wouldn't trade it for anything. It surprises me every day how much personality these two girls have and how much they already understand. One of my favorite things is when they see me for the first time after work. They both try to crawl as fast as they can in my direction, but it is a crawl and I can tell it is frusterating for them that they are not moving faster. Once they reach me it is like they haven't seen me for weeks. I can't imagine life without them. Happy Birthday to both of you!

bjensen said...

I'm sitting at my desk at work tearing up! You guys are so lucky to have those sweet girls! I just can't get enough of them, and I miss them so much! I feel blessed to have them in my life, even though I don't see them very much. They are such lovers and I just can't get enough of their loves while I'm around them. I hope they have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Amy, please give them a big love for me! HAPPY BRITHDAY GIRLS, I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!

Brenda said...

I love the newborn pictures. So precious!

JamieN said...

I'm totally tearing up too. How nerdy am I? I love babies! I never thought I'd say it, but it's amazing how babies bring a whole new dimension to life. I can't believe that they are your last two. We are at such different stages of life. It must be so strange to go through all the baby stuff and know that it's your last time. I'm sure bitter sweet. Loved reading the list. I could picture them doing all those things you mentioned.

Happy Birthday to Paige and Morgan.

Kory-Lisa Allred said...

Happy Birthday girls!! They are such cuties!! I am glad you put pictures of them as babies up...They are so sweet! I can't believe you had them both in your belly at the SAME TIME!! Having just barely gone through that with 1 I am amazed that you have done with 2...2 times!!!

I love the sleeping baby photos, they are so sweet when they sleep! Loved all the pics, and hopefully this next year will be a bit easier as your kids get more independent (which is bitter sweet).

3,2,and 1. How blessed you are!!

Luke & Kimmy said...

I love those girls and I'm glad that you guys have them. They have the sweetest little personalities and on top of that they are so darn cute. My favorite has got to be their little yoda ears and their scrunchy bitter beer faces. Happy Birthday girls!!


Jill said...

I LOVE this post and love it even more that I get to see all those things they do! I feel SO close to your kids and have a sense of pride in them like they are my own. These two have to be the sweetest babies and do the cutest things! You are so nice to let me enjoy your kids and watch them grow up! These two are becoming my favorite lately (not that I don't love your other kids) but their new found individuality and understanding is so fun! Wow, I just LOVE them! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Ange and Ryan said...

Hey there! I love the pictures, they are so unbelievably adorable!! How are things going for you guys? I finally set up a blog for our little gang too, it's if you're interested! (It's not nearly as cool as your's! I'm still figuring this out!! hehe) I hope you are all doing great! Lots of love, Angela

Sarah said...

It is so great to see photos of them since birth, since I have only seen them through your posts on the blog. I hope they have a great birthday. I am sure you partiers will have something fun planned for them!

Putnam Family said...

Happy Birthday girls! I love this blog it is so adorable. They are so sweet.

hbentley said...

Love your post. I can't believe the 3,2,1. You are amazing. You have had all of your kids after I had Josh. I think you guys will get a huge medal in heaven for all you guys have been through.
I love your kids and I am so grateful we live close, for now, to enjoy them. Sorry we missed the party last night.