Friday, August 29, 2008

A Success!

After a long day of cooking and cleaning, the shower has come and gone. And if I do say so myself, it was GREAT! All the food turned out so good, which I am very thankful for. 3 of the recipes I was trying for the first time and you never know what can happen when it is your first experience?!? Thanks to everyone who came to support Kim and Luke. Everyone was so nice and brought so many cute things. I even got things in the mail and dropped off from people that couldn't make it. Honestly, people are so thoughtful.

Here is the final presentation. The counter in the background was clean until I had to rush and get everything out. I kept forgetting things, so things were a little hectic in the end. Emily did the fruit. Isn't it so cute with the flowers made out of pineapple? She did an excellent job! And you can barely see the punch bowl I found on the left, but I LOVED IT!
Me and the guest of honor. I am not liking my face too much in the pic. I look like a felt I guess. I was pretty worked. Cooking and cleaning doesn't really go smoothly with 5 kids in the way. Kimmy looks beautiful though! My mom, Aunt Lisa, Paige, Morgan, and Alex. Alex would be Paige and Morgan's second cousin or something??? He is a cutie!
Sami and Ashley. These girls are so fun and cute!
Some of the partiers! We really did have a good turnout. Always a relief when you are planning a shower.
Angie, Emily, and my mom. I like seeing cleaned off plates. Always a good sign!
Aunt Val, Aunt Rauna, and Laree. Valerie was good to support the Veigel side! Everyone else was from my mom's side or Kimmy's family!
Chaos! This was the scene during the present opening. With 4 babies and a lot of people it made for chaos.
Luke was excited about this gift, the Bumbo. I never had the opportunity to have one, but everyone that has one loves it. Good thinking Steph!
It was a good night and once again, everyone was so nice to bring themselves and gifts. Thanks to Emily and my mom for helping with stuff and thanks to Kimmy for having a baby so we could have an excuse for a party!


Glenae said...

Wow what a fun shower. You went all out!

Jenna and Brady said...

You are so creative! The food was yummy. It was a great shower. PS I would love it if you would email me those

clay and jordan said...

How fun! It's times like this that I really, really miss living so close to family. Wish I could have been there to help celebrate! The food all looks so yummy!

Sarah said...

Look like you did a great job! I can see you got to use your new plate rack too ~ even better!

Brittany said...

It looks like you did a beautiful job on the shower!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute Amus! Everything looks so yummy! I so wish I could have been there!