Friday, August 22, 2008

For all you Edward & Bella fans!

My mom sent me this address for a singer/songwriter, Kat Tingey. She has written a song about Edward and Bella. I really like the song not just because of the lyrics, but I love the style of it and her voice. So, go check it out. I am sure if I was smart enough I could attach the song somehow, but I am not. So go to her website and listen. It is called "Undone."


Kristen said...

Amy! I didn't know you were a Twilight fan. I love those books. We will have to get a group together and go see the movie when it comes out, (NOV 21st) Meg and I are die hard fans and think it would be fun to do the "midnight" showing. You in? By the way, your blog is so cute. I love your background. It is so fun to see all your cute pictures and what you guys have been doing.

QMCapson said...

Kristen is right. We are obsessed with the books!!!! That is an awesome song. We should all hang out sometime. With the kids of course. Just to get out of the house.

Sarah said...

Very cool ~ thanks for sharing! I am really excited for the movie to come out.