Friday, August 15, 2008

Paige & Morgan's B-day Party!

Yesterday was a great day. The reasons for the party, Paige and Morgan, didn't really get what was going on, but I think the rest of us had a good time. We had such a good dinner. Thanks to everyone who brought the good food! Then we did the usual-cake, ice cream, and presents.
Grandma, Emily, and cute little Avery.Papa and Grandpa watching the Olympics.
Present time!
Thanks you all for the fun AND practical gifts. I loved them all and I am sure Paige and Morgan will enjoy everyone of them.
Have you ever seen 2 more excited faces???
Now that's more like it!
I think Paige just liked to play with it.

The Boy! The Boys!
Oakley enjoying a little cake.
I asked Jill if I had any fatty looking parts before she took the pic, so Trent tried to look fat so I would look skinnier. All it did was make him look goofy!
My girls getting cleaned up after the "messy" cake eating.
My kids LOVE birthday balloons!
Thanks again to all those who celebrated with us! And once again we missed those that couldn't make it!


JamieN said...

Looks like it was tons of fun - as always. You guys know how to throw a party. I'm sorry we didn't make it.

I love that pic of Paige and Morgan looking at their cakes - so not excited! That's hilarious!

Aiden and Andrew look so big in that last pic.

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest picture of Paige and Morgan in front of their cakes!! Looks like fun!

Wade Family said...

Happy Birthday Paige and Morgan...looks like it was a fun party. I still can't believe they are 1! It's so nice to have so much family to help celebrate.

melissa said...

Seriously, Trent can't even make himself look like he has a double chin. How depressing. Looks like you had a good time as usual. See ya tomorrow.

Eric, Dee Dee, and Braxton said...

That looks like such a fun party! What cute little one year olds! Oh, yeah, I was going to ask if you found a punch bowl? I am acquiring a set from my neighbor that is moving and the only reason I considered taking it was because I remembered that you were looking for one! If I do end up with it you are more than welcome to have it. I don't know what I'd do with it! Well, take care and your family is adorable!

Brenda said...

I love all the pictures! And you don't have any fatty looking parts at all in that picture. Looks like Trent did his job well. :D

Jill said...

This was so much fun and the food was amazing! I still love that picture of you and Trent!

Shelly Karren said...

Your kids get bigger every week. Congrats to Paige and Morgan on their first year of life. How lucky they are to have such great parents.