Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Thats right. The big one oh. Trent and I have been married for ten years today. Amazing. Seems like we have been together forever and at the same time is seems like we were just married.

Our favorite thing to do to celebrate is head down to St. George, kidless. Honestly, we could be anywhere without kids and it would be a vacation. But, luckily, we have a couple of really nice options down south.
We left Wednesday afternoon, made a stop, and enjoyed this fantastic sunset. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Every morning we slept in, went for a run, hung out, shopped, and did whatever the heck we wanted. It was amazing.
Trent and I even ran together 2 mornings. That might be a first for us. We are on very different levels when it comes to running.

I was walking through the house on our trip and realized Trent and I are basically the same people we were when we got married. I had stuff scattered all around the house:
And, of course, Trent's stuff neatly organized in a drawer:

Luckily, Trent can over look my mess and still love me.
Our trip also consisted of lots of eating, movie watching, heading down to Vegas, visiting with Jake and Candice, and hanging out with Grandma Wiggles, who is in the hospital with pneumonia(boo). I was too into relaxing to take too many pics.
Since this is a pretty monumental Anniversary I thought I would write some of the things that have happened over the last 10 years.
* We both graduated from school, which helped us get jobs we love.
* I have had 9 different jobs and Trent as only had 1.
* We have lived in 3 different houses and 2 different cities.
* We started our family with 2 dogs, Milo and Ody and finished our family 5 kids later.
* Went through the crappy infertility treatments trying to get kids here.
* We have both gotten "fixed" to fix our new found fertile problem.
* We have found our permanent home to grow old in.
* We have been on a few different vacations, all of which have been awesome.
* I have gained and lost almost 200 lbs. I was a BIG pregnant person.
* I started running and have ran in 9 races, trying to lose said weight. ;)
* Trent has ran 15 marathons and won 2 of them.
* Still trying to figure out how to survive children.
* And still best friends.
Thanks Trent for a great 10 years!


Kim said...

Congrats on the 10 years!

Side note- I can't believe I haven't seen you in 5 going on 6 years. Weird?

Kim said...

Oops. I meant days...

Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary!! You look super good and fit in your photo! :)

The 21st will be 16 years for us. Those years fly, don't they? :)

Annie said...

Happy #10! What a great couple you two make. Glad you could celebrate in lovely St. George. Love that place.

cwilson said...

Congrats! You better be coming on Friday!

Maga said...

Fun to see your accomplishments in 10 years---that's 1 child for every 2 years. Most people would be happy with that.

Angela said...

Aw I love this post!! You guys make a perfect pair. Congrats on ten years and here's to many more years of happiness together!!

Brett and Jessica said...

Congrats! Glad you were able to get away! Loved this post!

Sarah said...

I seriously can't believe it has been TEN years! That makes it feel like you would have been married in junior high :) I am glad you guys got away for some one-on-one time in warmer weather for some R&R!

Jamie said...

Happy 10 years!!! I can't believe it's been that long. Time flies. You guys are perfect together. And I love your list. 200 pounds?! That's hilarious. As I was reading through your list I was thinking how funny that we're almost the same age, but in SUCH different places in life. The fact that you're already done having kids (jealous), you know where you'll be living the rest of your life, etc.
Crazy. We're so glad you joined the family. You're a perfect fit!

Tavan said...

Congrats! Are we seriously old enough to have 10 year anniversaries? So crazy! You guys are sure cute together and make stinkin' cute kids!

Julie said...

What a wonderful tribute. You've accomplished a lot these 10 years. I'm glad you had a relaxing anniversary trip. Sounds spectacular!

Ginny said...

happy (belated) anniversary! i'd say you've crammed a fair amount into 10 years! well done!

amyandseth06 said...

Happy anniversary! 10 years and 5 kids is quite an accomplishment! You're amazing!

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