Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Papa Bob's B-Day Bash

Well, I don't think it was supposed to be a BASH, but when you get Heidi's family and our family together it turns into utter chaos. Put in balloons and you've got yourself a very LOUD situation. Not sure how much Papa enjoyed it, but it was good to see him.
The kid were pretty excited to see him too. I think Morgan gave him kisses 3 different times. And I bet Papa's best birthday present was having everyone coming to visit, but more importantly everyone leaving as well
The Hoard got to take some of his birthday balloons home. Lucky kids.
So, Happy Birthday to Papa. He looks pretty darn good for 91!


ajensen said...

That is great that you got to go and visit him for the big 9-1. .Love your family!!!

Kim said...

Favorite part of this post-Morgan wanting to keep kissing him. Cute!

Jamie said...

I just can't believe you guys get around so much. Love you all.