Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advent Calendars

Having kids have made the Holidays a lot more fun (and a lot more work). They are so excited for Christmas to get here. And they ask every day how many more days until Santa comes. Enter: The Advent Calendar. We have a few around our house.

First Up: The Classic Paper Chain
The boys made these in school. They were pretty excited when they brought them home.

Second: The Hershey Kiss Chain
Oakley's Sunbeam teacher brought one of these over for each of the kids. All my kids love her and I think she might like them a little too. :)
Last: The Muffin Tin Countdown

I saw this on a blog and decided to try and make one. You just get a mini muffin tin ($4 at Walmart), cut out numerous circles, get a bunch of embellishments, put together, glue magnets on the circles, put candy in the holes, and cover the holes with the cute circles you've made. And Voila, probably the cutest Advent Calendar out there.
Hope you all are enjoying your own Christmas countdowns.


Julie said...

LOVE-LOVE the muffin tin advent calendar. Absolutely the cutest ever. Your embellishments make it rock! Bravo

abigail said...

What blog did you find this on. It is really cute! Merry Christmas!