Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Festivities

***I don't know why my post posted when I wasn't finsihed, but here is the finished product***

We had a great Christmas at here at the Hoard. Lots of parties, food, families, gifts, and fun. I was a little lacking when it came to picture taking though. I was just having too much fun relaxing and enjoying things to be taking pics. But here is a quick recap with pictures and without.

We started out the celebrating with the Johnson Progressive Dinner, on the 19th. This is a big dinner with Trent's Mom's family. We had a ton of delicious food. Unfortunately I got called out to work and didn't get to eat the main course, which was actually a good thing because I was pretty full from the first house.

The next celebration was Thursday night with the Jensen's. And when I say Jensen's I mean Trent's Dad's whole family. Dodee and Papa always throw a fantastic party. We consume the traditional breakfast for dinner and exchange gifts. And as always, Dodee and Papa are amazingly generous.

After this dinner we told Trent's sibling we would take their kids home for a sleep over so they could attend the Christmas Eve Breakfast at Market Street. The breakfast is for adults only, which doesn't really work for The Hoard.

We hung out the rest of the day, went to lunch with some of my family, and then met up with the Jensen's for Christmas Eve dinner. Once again a lot of delicious food. After dinner we went and saw the lights at Temple Square. We used to do that every year growing up and it was fun to do it with my family.

And it is nearly impossible to get a picture with all the kids smiling AND looking at the camera.

See what I mean?
When we got home from lights, we opened our Christmas PJ's and went to bed.

Christmas morning came and Paige and Morgan woke up at 7:30. We waited for the rest to get up and finally decided to wake them up at 8:00. That is a first for our kids. They never sleep in and they decide to do it on Christmas morning. Go figure.

Christmas Stockings. Always fun.

The kids saw some watches back around Halloween and thought they had to have them. Aiden had is broken an hour later.

Always fun watching your kids open presents. Isn't Christmas magical?

And the 'big' gift from Santa was a basketball hoop and balls for the playroom. I think the adults have actually played with it more.
Our last Christmas celebration was a Veigel dinner with my dad's brother and his family. We had everyone over for dinner, some rock band, and basketball. It was a good time and we partied late into the night. And when I say late I mean 10:00.
So, all in all, it was a great Christmas. We were spoiled by our families. Thanks to everyone who made our Christmas one to remember!


Julie said...

Cute! I love Christmas PJ's. I love the picture of each of them opening a gift. I'm glad you have some fun traditions! The sleepover looks ambitious! Did you get any sleep? :)

The Capson's said...

SO CUTE! I also love the pj's. I'm glad you guys had a fun Christmas. Looks like a lot of fun at the Jensen household.

Maga said...

We'll enjoy your pictures--all smiles or not. Thanks for sharing your Magical Christmas with us!!!

Tavan said...

Wow...Christmas at your house looks so fun..and crazy! Your kids are super cute :)

Jamie said...

You guys were SOOOOOO nice to take Annie for a sleepover. Glad you all survived! We need to get our girls together more.