Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Gingerbread House

My kids love doing Gingerbread Houses, but as a mom I am not a fan. It always ends up me being mad, kids spilling everything, and having a huge mess to clean up. So whats a mom to do?

Get the babysitter to do it for you.

While Trent and I are vacationing I thought it would be a good activity for our sitter to do to "take up time." Little did she know I was just being selfish and trying to get out of doing it myself. And, like always, Kim did a fantastic job with the kids. She even documented it.
Kim is awesome, but I think I have already mentioned that once or twice before. And if you are thinking you would like her babysitting service for yourself I am sorry. I have her booked for the next two years.


Maga said...

Good for Kim and good for you and Trent to turn everything over to her. We need someone to take care of us too, but we'll let you have her for the next two years!!

Kim said...

I was actually surprised with how little of a mess they made on this one. Now dinner that night was an other story...Remind me to never do spaghetti with all these kids and Luke ever again.

You can tell Maga that I'd be happy to go over to their place and help them assemble a gingerbread house ;D.

cwilson said...

It looks professional! Very fun!

Jamie said...

SOOO cute! I want Kimmy!!!

Sarah said...

Darling photos of the kids ~ what a great babysitter!!