Saturday, May 7, 2011

Coke Party

We had a Coke party last night. And when I say Coke I mean the drink, not the drug. You see, Kimmy went without her beloved Coke for Lent and then extended it to her birthday. So, what better way to celebrate her birthday, and the end of a successful Lent, than a Coke themed Birthday party?

Of course the drink of choice was Coke.
Once again we had a delicious spread, london broil, chicken, potato skins, hot rolls, the best pasta salad, fruit, chips, veggies, and cake. Its no wonder I can't lose weight.

We even had balloons. What 28 year doesn't want balloons on their birthday?

Cake time.

Love the pic with Kim and her mom. And the Bakers love to sing really loud and then push the Birthdayee in the cake. We thought Kimmy ended up looking like Hitler, hence the picture in the bottom right.

And here is the main reason for the party. Kim's first Coke in 60 days. I think it is suffice to say it was thirst quenching and very satisfying.

In the end it was another fantastic party. And I have to say my Coke tasted really good too.


Kim said...

You are the best! I'm so lucky to have you as a friend and sister. Again, Thank you so much!

Julie said...

Going without something for a while is a good practice. I'm glad you had a fun party.