Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain or Shine

And apparently it is not going to shine any time soon.

But I have to get ready for Bear Lake and The Wasatch Back races.

So run I did.

I couldn't feel my hands by the end, but I got her done.

And I always feel better if I get a run in.

Plus, it is not going to stop raining until next Thursday, so I guess I better get used to it.

The kids thought my hair was pretty funny being "flat" and all. And they had to touch every single part of me that was wet. And lets face it, every single part of me was wet.

Here's to runnin' in the rain.


Julie said...

Impressive! Brrr! I can barely talk myself into walking around the block to pick my daughter up from preschool.

Mindy said...

I've been running those rain runs myself... had to wash 2 pairs of shoes because they were covered in mud. :)

Kim said...

You look like a grease monkey, but the rest of you is going to look smokin hot with all this running.

MCapson said...

You go girl. Hopefully the rain will stop so you don't have to run in it anymore.