Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trent is 34

Trent's birthday was on Sunday. It was a low key weekend and very nice. Since we had 3 parties the week before we decided not to do too much....acutally nothing. But then I was feeling guilty, so spur of the moment on Sunday we invited people over for dessert.

We had ice cream, toppings, and home made oatmeal cookies (which are one of Trent's faves). Thanks to all that could make it and supporting Trent on his big day.

And Happy Birthday Trent, you are amazing and we love you!


Julie said...

Our hubby's are getting old! Mine will be 34 next month! I'm glad we still have a few years before we catch up to the old fogies.

Trent said...

The cookies were awesome and the party was perfect. Low key with minimal clean up! Thank you Amy for all you did that day.