Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ogden Marathon

Trent ran the Ogden marathon yesterday, so we decided to head up to see him finish. Last year I said I would never take the kids again, but I thought I would give it another try.

Here are the boys trying to catch sight of some runners.

Don't the girls look so excited to be there? Ya, every one was so happy.

One difference from last year-I had Brooke there to help control The Hoard.

We got there a little early and the race started late, so we had to wait a while for Trent to approach.

So, we waited.

and waited.

and waited.

And then I remembered why I said I would never bring the kids again. They didn't stop whining, crying, fighting the whole time.

And then Trent appeared.

And he didn't seem like his usual spry self while finishing.

But finish he did, with a great time of 2.53.20 and 12th place.

We went to find Trent in the runners area. And we waited and waited there. By now I was getting pretty angry and maybe even cursing Trent for taking his time in the refreshment area. Then I got a call that he was actually in the med tent. Nice. I am such a good wife.

After I found him in the tent and the medical staff nursed him back to health we found Brooke and the kids.

Trent does love when all of us are there to watch, so even though I said this year was definitely the last, I am sure the kids and I will both be going next year.

Good job Trent and I am glad you didn't die while I was cursing you.


Jamie said...

First, I'm glad Trent didn't die either. As soon as I saw that pic of Trent finishing I thought the same thing -- he didn't look like his "spry" self (love that you used that word).

Hope he's feeling better.

You're a good wife to take the hoard. I still don't know how you go anywhere.

And are you so tired of me telling you how much I love your hair??? I'm just so in love with it. Seriously, darling.

Mindy said...

I love your illustrated story... the kids' faces are very telling. ;) I'm so glad Trent is okay, and yes, it's good that he didn't die while you were cursing him. I always worry that will happen with my husband. Awesome time!

Becky said...

Made me homesick! I love the Ogden Marathon. Sorry Trent had a rough time, hope they took good care of him in the medical tent! You're a good wife to go see him finish!

Andrea said...

Such a good wife! You had every right to be cursing...having five kids is reason enough!

Congrats, Trent. We're also glad you didn't die!

MCapson said...

Next time leave your kids here with me. They can whine along with my kids. That's pretty much what mine did all morning anyway. Good job Trent.

Maga said...

Glad you didn't die Trent!!!
I NEED YOU to help me!!!

Julie said...

I'm sure it will get a little easier every year. I'm so glad Trent made it alright. Scary. I would think all that waiting would be rough but I can imagine how much it means to the runner to have his fans in the sidelines. Way to support.

Luke and Kimmy said...

Pretty scary but gald he's okay. Way to go Trent....and still coming in in 12th place? Awesome!

Sarah said...

So funny. I do things like that all the time and thankfully Kurtis has never died either :)

And I was so glad to read your post about 'Water for Elephants'. I am reading it right now and really like - it is such a different story. I will have to check out the movie next!

4cutegirls said...

You are so funny! What husband wouldn't want to see his wife and kids at the finish line. That was so nice of you to brave the kids through all the waiting.