Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Ward Campout

We had our Ward Campout this weekend. And Trent, being the good dad that he is, took all the kids by himself. You see, I was supposed to be running this race, but with my current foot problem I had to drop out. But since I was planning on running I didn't take the weekend off work, so after all was said and done I had to stay in town and be on call. Bummer.

Trent and the kids went up to Heber Valley, which in my book isn't real camping, but it works. the kids had fun around the camp fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

They also got to go to Legacy Lake to canoe and play in the sand.

And they got to sit and listen to something. Not sure what it is but I liked them all lined up. And of course Oakley was sitting with our neighbor girls.

I think the kids had a fun time running around, getting dirty, and playing with their friends. Naturally, Aiden was the only one that did the obstacle course. He loved it.

And since I had alone time with NO responsibilities, Brooke and I hit up the new shopping that is happening in Farmington now. Can you believe that these 3 stores are all right next to each other? (if you can't tell from the pic the 3 stores are Marshalls, Home Goods, and Ross!!)

The rest of my weekend also included a dinner at Pei Wei, which was horrible. It took me 30 to get my food and then they didn't bring Brooke's food for another 20 minutes. Seriously it was pretty bad. On Saturday I slept in, did a visit for work, had a visit with Maga, went to lunch with Brooke, Heidi, and Teri, did some more shopping and finally came home to be reunited with The Hoard.

It was a great weekend.


Angela said...

The picture of them sitting and listening was probably them listening to rules!! lol We just had a family reunion up there and it was fun but they had a LOT of rules! They took about 20 minutes to explain very simple things to the group! I agree with you that it's not "real" camping but it's still a pretty fun time.

Maga said...

Glad I'm included on a visit from you--loved your blog!!!

MCapson said...

Awesome he took the kids, even more awesome that you got some free time from the kids!