Friday, January 13, 2012

A & A

We celebrated Aiden and Andrew's birthday at school yesterday. They were so excited and had been waiting for a couple weeks for this. And since this post is about them I had to include a picture and brief explanation about it.

These two not only don't look like brothers, but there personalities are so different its amazing they came from the same womb. One such difference is seen below. Andrew always dresses "nice," he loves his button up shirts and nice pants. Aiden on the other hand only wears the "soft" pants and T-Shirts. And since we have 2 of every shirt, Andrew wears the "same" shirts every day to school. And Aiden is most likely in a Utah shirt.

Anyways, on to the school celebration. We made a poster board, brought treats, and watched the Sneetches for their half hour of school fun. The boys thought it was pretty great. And see, Aiden is in yet another U shirt and Andrew has a nice collared shirt with a sweater over it.

A few things they wanted on their posters were pictures of family, camping, St. George, and some of the stuff they liked-coloring, snow, spaghetti, bubble tape, oreos, and hershey bars. I also asked both of them what they wanted to be when they grew up. Andrew wants to be a Police Officer-I am sure to keep the town in tip top shape. And Aiden wants to be a magician-I am sure to just make things disappear.

Love my very different boys.


Kim said...

I love how different they are from each other and how similar they are to you and Trent.

And I guess we better bring back the other U shirt...

Maga said...

How fun to hear about your VERY DIFFERENT BOYS!!!

Becky said...

So cute that they are so different--that probably makes it more fun. Glad they had a fun school party!

Julie said...

That's wild, how unique they are.