Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goal Update

Just wanted to give a little update on one of my New Year Goals. I have done pretty good with exercising more. Last week I did all my scheduled training runs, which I haven't done since August. And I started doing some Firm exercise dvds at home. The kids love to build up their muscles with me.

And last night I fit a run in after the kids went to bed. Luckily I had planned it with Brooke or I would of skipped the run and hopped into bed myself. As you can tell we had a hard time getting a picture with both our heads in it.
Gotta keep this up. I just got my legs for Wasatch Back and, if you can believe it, they are harder than my SoCal legs. I need to become a running machine so I don't die.

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Maga said...

Don't die!!! I couldn't live without your Blogs!!!