Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well everyone, I am doing good on at least one of my goals so far. I went to YW's on Sunday AND Mutual last night. In fact I was in charge of the whole activity. We had a grand time. We made Goal Jars for the new year. Crafts are always fun. And you can't beat making anything with chalkboard paint, right?

(Ours is going to be a Disneyland jar. The kids will need to save money if they want to go!)

Afterwards, there were limited leaders with cars, so we pulled a clown move and fit 8 people in my little car. It was great.

Oh and you can see one of the cute jars they made in the bottom. They all fit a ton of goals in those little jars. Should be a good year for everyone.

Its good to be back.


Julie said...

uber cute jar! good goal setting idea. I'm glad you could be there for the girls.

Kim said...

Hmm I think I want to chalk paint something. Those jars turned out so cute.