Monday, January 23, 2012

Extended Weekend

We just came off a great weekend. Trent had been planning this St. George trip for a while and I jumped on board last minute. I got work covered, kids covered, a lesson covered, and a talk covered. Can I just say Trent and I have an amazing family who is always so willing to help? Without them we wouldn't have been able to have a nice relaxing weekend away.

Anyways, our trip started Thursday afternoon as soon as we dropped the girls off at Emily's. Even driving to St. George is a vacation when you don't have kids yelling and fighting in the back. ;)

The first morning Trent and I ran together...well Trent left me in the dust on way home, but he stuck with me for the first 2 miles.

Afterwards we enjoyed our drinks of choice in the hot tub.

Jake and Candice joined us that night. We had some delicious food at Don Pedros, had another dip in the hot tub, and went to sleep to get ready for the morning. You see everyone came to town to run a race on Saturday. Jake and Trent ran the Half and Candice did the 5K. Unfortunately I couldn't participate because registration was closed by the time I knew I was coming along. I did get my own run done in the morning before I headed over to the finish line. I tried to hurry, but I missed Candice finish, but I am sure she looked strong and rocked the race. ;)

Next came Trent. He did well and came in 10th.

And then Jake. Love this pic of him in the air. And this was even taken with my phone. Can you believe it?

And one group shot. It was a little cold.

That was all the photos from our weekend. I really need to do better, but when you don't do anything but hang out, what is there to take pictures of?

All in all it was a fantastic weekend. We got lots of sleep, did lots of nothing, ate a lot of good food, and got to hang out with two of favorite people.

And like I said before it wouldn't have been possible without our families. Emily, Grandma Teri, Grandma Holly, Brooke, Kimmy, Cameron, Jill, and even our neighbor babysat for us. It takes a lot of people to cover The Hoard and everyone was so willing to help out.

And here is a peek at what happened while we were away.

The girls got to be girls and play with make up.

And these were the ones responsible for the fun.

And I just had to add another cute one of my girls.

And the whole beautiful group.

For most the weekend the kids were at Jill and Cameron's. The kids love both these two and were so excited for their own weekend away.

They colored a lot. Andrew even came home with a sketch pad and new pencil and got pointers from the artist himself, Cameron.

The kids found a new game of checkers, which Aiden now wants at our house.

They watched some movies.

And even got Happy Meals from McDonalds. They were definitely spoiled.

I think the kids had just as much fun as we did. It is probably just as good for them to have a break from us, as it is for us to have a break from them...;)

Thanks again to all those that helped! It made for a great break for Trent and I!

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Annie said...

I was hoping I would see you there. I ran the half too and saw Trent in his zone at the starting line and saw Jake (as he passed me) at about mile 6-7. Those Are awesome finish line pics. Especially jake flying. I have one at the end (that I'm about to post) and my feet are barely moving. Wasn't my best effort, but glad it's done and that it wasn't as rainy as I expectd it to be. Love those pics of your cute girls. What fun aunts they have!