Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Track Running

Yesterday I decided to sleep in instead of get up and run. I always feel guilty the rest of the day when I miss a run, so later that morning I packed the girls up with their bikes and headed to the track to get my run in. The girls wanted to do poses with the B, which they all informed me stands for Brooke.

They also wanted a little running action.

While they rode their bikes, played in the "sand box," ran around, and picked dandelions, I ran 5 miles. Can I say running 5 miles around a track is now on my hate list. But I survived and got my run in and that is what's important.

And since I was running at a tremendous rate my hair got crazy and fluffy with the wind. ; )

And these pictures were taken with my phone again. We are not liking our new camera, so we ordered a different one. One of these days I will have a little camera to pack around, but until then you get the grainy, blurry pics.


Becky said...

Wow, 5 miles on a track is truly an accomplishment. I think I would lose my mind from the monotony. Way to go!

Mindy said...

Phone pics are better than nothing. ;) I love the hair. I once did 20 miles around the track, 6 of them running, the rest walking... but it was for Relay for Life, so it wasn't so bad. ;)

Annie said...

Now that is dedication. Well done on the 20 laps...with kids! Impressive. Can't wait to hear about your Ragnar!

Kim said...

Eww 5 miles on the track would suck. Good job for being so dedicated to your running. On the other hand, I bet your kids loved it,

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