Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We found a set of books that the boys just love to read. They are called the Magic Tree House and they really are magic. It is no longer a fight to get these 2 to read anymore. They actually read themselves to sleep now.

Aiden does have a bed, he says that the floor is just really comfortable.


hatch family said...

If they love those books, try A to Z mysteries next. Being a second grade teacher for a year was good for something :)

Kim said...

Just like their mom eh?

Julie said...

That's funny about the bed. I was full-on wondering cause it did look like he was sleeping on the floor there. Funny kid! I'm glad they love those books. My nephew loved those too. Anything that will keep a kid reading is good news.

Sarah said...

That's great that they are starting to love to read! I'm sure it will make the studying years that much easier for them.

Maga said...

So glad they like to read--I'm going to get a Kindle so I can read the scriptures! Glad you had a good trip!!!!! Keep blogging!!1
And keep your husband around so I can use him as my encyclopedia.

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