Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Day

We had a fabulous Easter Sunday. It really couldn't have been better. The kids woke up so excited to see what the Easter Bunny left them. And, yes, sometimes my kids do sleep in their clothes. I am a great Mother.

First up, the baskets.
Next, the egg hunt.

Finally, checking out their loot.

As always, the Easter Bunny left some new clothes for the kids. We got ready, very quickly. 9 o'clock church is hard to get to on time, especially with Easter festivities.

We did a lot of relaxing after church and then headed out to Dodee and Papa's for some delicious food and awesome Easter hunt.

The girls got jump ropes and it was awesome to watch them "jump rope."

And one final picture of the day. The Jensen girls.

Now we have lots of candy to eat before the next party. As soon as we get rid of candy from the previous party/holiday the next one is upon us. We will see if we can get rid of everything before Oakley's Chocolate Birthday Party in a few weeks....


Maga said...

Glad to see you're one of the JENSEN GIRLS, Amy!! Thanks for sharing Easter with us!!!

Kim said...

Cute Easter outfits! I'm dying at your comment of your kids sleeping in their clothes. No one would have ever known that. You should have just let people think that your kids get dressed first thing in the morning because you taught them that. Haha.

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