Thursday, April 26, 2012


Oakley had a fantastic birthday yesterday. It all started with a pancake breakfast, with the added perk of licking the beaters.

 She even got a number 6 pancake.
 After a filling breakfast of just one pancake, she was able to open her birthday present from The Hoard.
 Her very own Rollerblades. She had been wearing Trent's old ones around and we thought we better prevent a broken leg and get ones that actually fit.
 We took the girls to preschool and thought it the perfect opportunity to get our nails done. Oakley was so excited, but nervous at the same time.

 She wasn't too sure about this strange guy clipping and painting her nails.

 But he did a fantastic job and she even got flowers, which she absolutely loves.
 Afterwards we took her and her friends to Arella's for some lunch. It was a crazy meal full of goofing off and fun.
 And what better way to celebrate than with her best friends.
 And some free ice cream. I enjoyed the berries and the kids enjoyed the cream.
 After lunch I dropped the kids off at school and was able to take donuts and apple juice to her class. Unfortunately no pictures of that. But Oakley got a huge envelope of cards from all her classmates. She loved every second of it.

Then came her soccer game wear BOTH teams sang Happy Birthday to her. Once again she was in Heaven.

Loved spending so much time with Oakley on her special day. And who knows what she is doing with her smile here...
And believe it or not the celebrating didn't end there. She had some fun with Brooke and Grandma Teri that night (which hopefully Brooke will send me pictures so I can blog about it). And she just got to go shopping with Grandma Holly this afternoon and picked out more treasures. She is one lucky girl.

Happy Birthday Oaks!


Maga said...

You know how to make someone feel special when they have a fun fun birthday!!!!

Julie said...

such a special birthday. I am always impressed when mom's can put so much into the day to make in special for a munchkin. I LOVE the numbered pancake idea! Clever! And who likes pancake batter? Weird. Oh, well. I'm just glad she enjoyed herself.

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