Monday, April 30, 2012

We had Oakley's Chocolate Birthday Bash last Friday. Everything was chocolate, even the invitations.

And all the decorations.

The games all included chocolate.
Carrying the M&M's with a spoon and no hands, which was boys against girls. And the girls triumphed.

Throwing the bag of chocolate into the loops. 
And pinning the M on the M&M.
We had 21 children at this party, so present time was utter chaos. Seriously, the pictures are blurry because the kids would not stop moving.

Next up, brownies with candles.

And a Birthday Wish
Ice creams and brownies for some.

And to finish the party off we had a treasure hunt, which is a must in my kid's minds.
And they are off. They kept coming, and coming, and coming. Still can't believe how many kids we had at our house.
It was basically Oakley's whole kindergarten class.

And she couldn't have been happier.


Mindy said...

What I want to know is... why was I not invited? Hello, chocolate!!

Jamie said...

You seriously throw the best birthday parties! I can't believe you had so many kids at your house! Luckily, you have the best house for lots of people.

Happy Birthday Miss Oakley!!!

Annie said...

You really do the cutest parties! Love the chocolate theme. I think i'll ask brian do a chocolate birthday for my next birthday. :)

Maga said...

I was there in spirit to the

Kim said...

You are amazing, Amy. Your family is so blessed to have you and that's not just because you can throw a mean party.

I can't believe she is six. Like I was telling Oaks, I remember the day she was born so clearly. Love her.

Trent said...

It looks like a kids dream...I'm just grateful you were willing to do it while I was at work.

It it a very good thing our kids have you!

linds said...

i can't believe you had all those kids at your house. it makes my head spin. your a good momma. izz loved the party.