Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break

Wow. This is a post and a half. We decided to have a Staycation, which we don't do very often. It felt weird to not head down South, but we tried to fill the days with fun stuff at home.

First on the list was dyeing eggs. We did this Saturday night while the boys were at Priesthood. The kids (and my mom and Jill) all had a great time. We dyed a little over 4 dozen eggs. And we are still trying to eat the leftovers...

Monday was a day for me. I was finally able to see The Hunger Games. I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked it. And what was the best part? The amazing fountain drink dispenser. It had 5 different flavors of Coke. Of course I chose vanilla.

Tuesday we hit up the Zoo with the rest of the state of Utah. We met a bunch of friends and had a great time making our way through the crowds.

And, as always, the rides were the hit of the day.

Wednesday we had the Bentleys and Neiders join us for an Egg Hunt. The kids love their cousins...and egg hunts.

Then the party continued with James and Josh sleeping over. A movie and popcorn are perfect ingredients for a good time.

Thursday we just hung out and by the end of the day I needed an out. We hit up Training Table for dinner. I can't get enough of their cheese fries.

Friday we decided to go back to the Theater with the amazing fountain drinks and see The Lorax. After I used the kids college savings to purchase tickets, candy, popcorn, and drinks we settled in for the show.

Not my favorite Disney movie, but we still had a good time. And I got to hang out with my friend Johnny for a while.

Friday night Trent and I were able to enjoy a date night. We hit up Olive Garden and then headed over to REI to spend some of our dividend. This is always a favorite for us. Whats better than getting cool REI gear for free? I walked away with a running shirt and a new swim suit.

Saturday afternoon I got a call from my friend Lindsey. She was in need of a night out and I don't say no to nights out if I can help it. We dined at Settabello's and ate enough for 4 people, but I don't regret one bite. It was delicious. Afterwards we decided to go check out City Creek. I had a gift card burning a whole in my wallet from Christmas, so we ventured in to Nordstroms and I came out with my very first Toms and Havaianas. I had to get 2 pair of Toms, because you know they donate a pair for every one bought. So, I had to do it for the children. Thanks Brad for the gifts...the children thank you too.

So, there you have it. Our Spring Break. We had a lot of fun, but I was ready for school to start again. The next question is, What are we going to do all summer?


Kim said...

What a spring break! I'm happy I could bea part of it. Summer is going to be what the kids these days call EPIC!

hbentley said...

Thanks for letting us be apart of your spring break. The boys needed a break from their Mom, before I boiled over.

Sarah said...

Looks like you were BUSY! I love your picture in the chair in front of Johnny. And I am laughing so hard at your Tom's comment. When I bought my first pair Kurtis died at the price - but I made him feel guilty when I said it was for the children without shoes ;)