Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brooke's Wedding

It has been a bitter sweet time for us at The Hoard over the past 2 weeks. Our basement dweller packed her bags, cleaned out her closet, and vacated her room of 2 1/2 years. Seriously it was so sad walking into an empty room...

But the sweet part of all this is that she was getting married. It had been months of waiting and finally the day arrived. It was a fabulously wintery day. Brooke was beautiful, Ben was handsome, and their sealing was one of the best I had ever been to. Everything was just perfect.

While we waited for the newly married couple we spent some time taking some photos. All the cousins, except Mason who was still en route.

My cute eternal family.

The little ones anxiously awaiting Brooke and Ben to come out of the temple.

And finally they came. Sorry about the picture. It was the only one I had and no one else has blogged about it yet!

Love that I married into such a close family. These siblings are the best of friends.

Like I said, I love these girls.

And I love this girl. So excited for her next chapter in life and loved the time we got to spend being room mates. She will be missed at The Hoard, but good things are happening for this beauty.

After the wedding every made the treacherous trip to Memory Grove in a horrible snow storm. What shoud have been a short 15 minute drive turned into 1 hour and 15 minute drive. It sure was beautiful though.

Then it was time for Brooke and Ben to leave know.

Congratulations Brooke and Ben. Here is to an eternity of happiness!

And this whole wedding business reminded me of my wedding and how lucky I am to have found Trent.

I love my life.

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Maga said...

Glad you love life and your husband and the Jensen family.
We're so glad you and your cute kids are now part of it. Loved the wedding pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!