Monday, January 21, 2013

St. George Half

We traveled down south to participate in the St. George Half. Brad was good enough to pic up everyone's packets. Love having so many runners in the family now.
 Upon getting ready for the race we all ended up matching. The boys were the Men in Black and us girls were The Green Team.
We got there a little early and wasted time by taking some pics.

And then the race started. It always feels so good when you can finally start.

I brought my phone with me so we snagged some pics along the way.

 And one nice girl took this action shot of us. I think the guy in black wanted to join The Green Team.
 And my all time favorite picture ever. This is about mile 9 and we needed a little pic me up, so we decided to jump for the camera man. Love everything about it.
 And finally the finish. Always good to see that coming. And check out Trent's legs. I am lucky to be married to those muscles. As Martha May would say, "The Muscles!"
Love the feeling of finishing a race.

 And loved that I got to run every step of the way with these girls. Made the 13.1 miles go much faster.
And loved having The Men in Black join us.

And the best part? Recooperating in a nice hot tub. Feels sooo good.

After we soaked our mucles and ate some lunch I headed out to the desert with the boys to shoot some pop cans. It was a grand time.

I also got to spend some time with Grandma Wiggles. Love her and can't wait for her to be able to go home!

 And as always I enjoyed some good food and treats. I got the cutest kids meal from Subway with a reusable bag AND a Route 44 vanilla coke from Sonic. Both delicious!

And we finished the weekend off with some great playoff games.


We had such a fun weekend. The race, the company, the food, the activities, the sleep was all wonderful!

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