Saturday, January 5, 2013

Its Great to be Eight!

Aiden and Andrew turned 8 this year, which means they could get baptized. The were excited and nervous at the same. I still can't believe they are 8. Where has the time gone.
Of course we had to get a picture in their whites. Love all 3 of these boys.
Family shot afterwards. We were having a hard time with cooperation.
 Then with just the boys.
And a 4 generation picture, which is simply amazing. Love it.
And a quick one with Josh, who lead the way getting baptized a few months ago.
The boys got CTR dog tags from Dodee and Papa and have been wearing them ever since. They love them!
And now that they are eight they are also in cub scouts. Holy cow!
Overall it was an amazing experience and so proud of my boys choosing to be baptized. Trent did an awesome job as well. Thanks to all who came to support them!

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Annie said...

This is seriously so sweet. 8 years old? It sort of puts a lump in my throat since we are only a few months behind you with Avie. Love the baptism pics. What a special day.