Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow Day at the Cabin

After Brooke's wedding we had the brilliant idea to go to the cabin and spend the weekend. And when I say after the wedding, I mean that night. We travelled through the snow storm, snow packed roads, and into the late hours of the night. We finally got in and settled just before 3 am. It was a long hard trip and I realized I suck at snowmobiling. Lets just say we were all exhausted and ready to call it a day.

 The after a short nights sleep the kids were anxious to get out in the snow. They snow shoed around for a bit, but what they really wanted was to ride the snow mobile.  It was their favorite thing.

Trent and I snagged a self portrait to prove I was actually there.
Then we spent the rest of the time relaxing, playing games, watching movies, and eating. And the kids loved that Jake and Candice were there.They had the greatest time playing with them.

And I was sick the entire weekend and couldn't blow my nose fast enough, so I just plugged it up instead.
And a miracle of all miracles happened. Aiden took a nap.

And Trent and I got to spend some time together. Loved every second of it.

And these boys had fun snapping some pics with me.

Love this family of mine.

And loved spending the weekend with these guys.

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Maga said...

Glad you got to see Jake and Candice. Loved the pictures of your fun weeek-end!!!