Friday, May 3, 2013

Kim's B Day Surprise

Kim was turning the big 30 this year and didn't have that much planned to celebrate. So I had the fantastic idea to surprise her with dinner with some of our favorite people. It was a last minute thing, but most everyone was able to come. Kim had  no clue others would be joining us for dinner. It was a great surprise.

Not only did they come celebrate, but they came with gifts. These really are the nicest ladies.

Love this book group of ours.

And, no, Kim and I did not plan our outfits.

After dinner Kim, Ginger, and I hit up Nordstroms for some shopping. .There was a discussion about creepy manikins over dinner so I had to snag a shot of this one.

We had a great time browsing the over priced merchandise, but did end up coming away with a few treasures.

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Mindy said...

You two are the cutest ketchup & mustard, mustard & ketchup ever. ;)